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Welcome to the Company of Spirits / Welkom bij the Company of Spirits!

Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Wendy and I am a past life therapist, award-winning author, dreamwork teacher and jewellery maker living in the Netherlands. I have had blogs on these different subjects but decided it made much more sense to create a blog to share my adventures on all the planes – the theme they all have in common is the … Continue reading Welcome to the Company of Spirits / Welkom bij the Company of Spirits!

Close call with evil: a sociopath in the family

  “Evil” I always hesitate to use the word “evil”. What many people may call evil are actually just human emotions, traits and motivations: aggression, jealousy, greed, anger… These human traits and emotions we can address and learn how to deal with. We can learn from them, transform them and bring their root causes to a higher level. Cold When I use the word “evil,”, … Continue reading Close call with evil: a sociopath in the family

misbruik abuse

Hidden abuse

Imagine: you’re living your life from the assumption you’re operating from free will. That you create your life yourself. That any and all obstacles on your path have manifested from being not strong enough, not determined enough, not clever or cute enough. So every time you encounter one, you try harder. Invisible barrier And you accomplish a lot, but still you keep having this nagging … Continue reading Hidden abuse

misbruik abuse

Verborgen misbruik

Stel je eens voor: je leeft je hele leven in de veronderstelling dat je volledig opereert uit vrije wil. Dat je zelf je leven vorm geeft en creëert. Dat alle obstakels op je weg ontstaan uit het feit dat je niet sterk genoeg, niet doortastend genoeg, niet slim of leuk genoeg bent. Dus doe je elke keer dat je iets wilt bereiken nog harder je … Continue reading Verborgen misbruik

The essence of beauty (happy holidays!)

Once again, I was inspired to write a blog post because of a post by Brad of Writing to Freedom: on beauty and how beauty feeds the soul. I remember lives as an elemental fairy-like being in which beauty was my nourishment. The beauty of Nature, of colour, of texture, of sound and song, of words… they were all food to me. The light of … Continue reading The essence of beauty (happy holidays!)

Post-traumatic stress disorder – a limiting label?

Labels I don’t like labels. They explain little and stop us from thinking, exploring and understanding. They are like little boxes we put ourselves, others, and issues in. Still, sometimes we need labels in order to create shortcuts in conversation or explanation. Post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD is such a label. Belated symptoms I see a lot of therapy clients who suffer from symptoms one … Continue reading Post-traumatic stress disorder – a limiting label?

Een andere kijk op gidsen en begeleiders

Kunnen je gidsen of begeleiders je eigen vorige levens zijn? Naar aanleiding van een lezersvraag is er een nieuw artikel verschenen op mijn website: een andere kijk op gidsen en begeleiders. Veel leesplezier! © drs. Wendy Gillissen 2018 Het is niet toegestaan (delen van) het artikel over te nemen zonder toestemming van de auteur. Delen via de social media knoppen van deze site natuurlijk wel, … Continue reading Een andere kijk op gidsen en begeleiders


Connecting to crystals

I have always felt very attracted to rocks, crystals and minerals. I roamed beaches and hilltops for them, I bought them in mineral shops… I filled my house with them. A Capricorn thing, I suppose. Still, even though I felt like living in a glittering crystal cave,  I had a remaining longing concerning crystals that wasn’t satisfied. That is, until I made a shift in … Continue reading Connecting to crystals

Divine Mission Possible blog challenge

Divine Mission-Possible November blog challenge Thank you Linda of Litebeing for this November challenge! I love to participate and tell my story. I would like to invite the wonderful Trini Lindt of The Paths of Spirit to write about her own beautiful mission for this November challenge as well! Mission Impossible I like the idea that started off the Divine Mission – possible blog challenge: … Continue reading Divine Mission Possible blog challenge