Past life symptoms or present life ails?

I love LOLcats, and I was delighted to find there is even a LOLcat for those of us sensitive souls who can’t seem to get through life without bumping into the occasional past life.
Especially when you are sensitive to energies, this might be more common than you think.

What might seem like a symptom of, for instance plain old tiredness or a cold might be in actuality a past life trying to get your attention because something in your daily life triggered its specific problem and wants healing.

For example, about a week ago I was worried about our family dog. His health was declining rapidly. I did not know it, but this triggered a past life specifically connected to doggie spirits.
That morning I had trouble coming out of bed and properly waking myself up. I felt I could have stayed asleep for hours, and all that morning and afternoon I could not stop yawning.
I had a past life client session scheduled at two o’clock, and I really needed to shake off this sleepiness. Suddenly it occurred to me.There really wasn’t a reason for me to be THIS sleepy. There was not enough coffee in the world to cure this sleepiness, because it wasn’t mine. It belonged to someone else.
I quickly did some muscle testing on myself and found the past life responsible for the sleepiness. Her story surfaced quickly.

My sleepy past life was a woman who had died in her sleep. During the day, she had been busy with her loving husband and family. But during the night, without being conscious of doing so, she astrally projected and went around in spirit comforting and helping dogs.  She loved dogs. She gave so much of herself in helping, and never got enough rest (she was working literally day and night) so she died young, and while travelling ‘out there’ in her sleep. She still wasn’t conscious of the fact that her body had died. She was still asleep.
And she was still tired.

I went into a trance state to have a talk with her. I explained to her that she was free of her body and could go to her family and get some rest. It was a great relief.
When I opened my eyes again, the sleepiness had gone. I had a coffee anyway. I felt like I deserved it 😉


5 thoughts on “Past life symptoms or present life ails?

  1. I like the post, it seems to question my beliefs of how things actually work .. but I am happy to keep discovering

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