Past Life Henna

You might be amazed at the kind of effects past life experiences can still have on your life today. That is why I believe that to live fully today, it can be immensely helpful to look at yesterday to free yourself from old fear-based patterns that keep you from doing so.

Of course, some old patterns may seem more ‘trivial’ than others…

A client of mine had been doing several sessions on the patterns that are holding her back from living fully in this life.
One evening, she came in for a session but she was too tired for trance-work, so I talked with her and did muscle-testing instead.
These days, I not only use past life regression (or regression to childhood, the prenatal period etc) with my clients but I use distant healing in a theta trance as well to pull old fear-based beliefs and replace them with healthy ones.

We were talking, getting to the basis of the beliefs that were blocking her from living fully, when somehow we got to talking about henna. Both being long-haired ladies, the subject can come up in conversation 😉 I had given her an address for real pure henna a few weeks before, and she had been eager to try it on her hair. But there was no effect whatsoever! No colour change, no healthy henna-shine. We wondered about it as she had done at least three applications. This was strange. Pure henna is strong stuff.

We had done the muscle-testing on her more pressing issues, and we had some time left so we decided to do some inner research on the henna issue. Why would her hair not take the henna dye?

I had sudden flashes of inspiration. What if there were a past life that had bad experiences with henna? The insights tumbled through my mind, almost faster than I could process and I quickly tested my client on them.
She tested ”yes” to them all:

”I believe that henna is deadly” – yes
”I have died from henna” – yes
”A past life in a harem died from henna” – yes
And so on.

Soon, the past life story emerged: she had been a young girl, the latest addition to a harem. One of the older ladies felt threatened in her position by this pretty young girl and put a poison in the henna that would seep into the skin of her scalp. The girl died, thinking it was the henna that killed her. My clients cells still believed that henna was deadly, even centuries onward (although, for the soul, there is no time) and her hair would simply not take the dye!

I pulled the old belief of ”henna is deadly” in theta state and replaced it for her with ”henna is safe”.
And sure enough, the next time I saw her, her hair was a lovely copper brown!

Wendy Gillissen, M.A. is a psychologist, certified past life therapist and author of Curse of the Tahiéra, an award-winning spiritual adventure


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