The Company of Dog Spirits♥

Since our little hero Zorro, the Wonder Dog left his body behind, I have become more attuned, it seems to the presence of doggie spirits. I was working with a client the other day when suddenly, I caught a glimpse of a dog in the corner of my eye. Of course I don’t have to tell you, there was no actual physical dog in the therapy room as we were at work (although, I must admit I have had a client in session accompanied by their dog twice)!
This dog was of a nondescript ash blonde colour with a shaggy coat. I asked my client if she knew such a dog and sure enough, she did: it had belonged to a loved one she had lost and was mourning (in fact, we were talking about that at that moment). It felt to me as if the dog (who had passed over years before) had come to comfort her. It was such a touching and comforting thought that not only her beloved’s spirit is helping her (as we both sense during sessions), but one of his dogs as well!

A few days later I was in the park where we used to walk Zorro. We met a couple with a little poodle. She behaved in an odd manner: she circled me, smelled my skirts (which were new, so no Zorro-smell there), smelling them over and over as if she was searching for something. My first thought was: she is aware of Zorro’s presence! But I dismissed it.

A day or two later I was at the post office. I was the only customer. While I was waiting at the counter for the post office clerk to get my parcels, I heard a ‘wroof’ from another room. An elderly beagle came sauntering over and when I held out my hand as an invitation for him to sniff, thinking he was interested in me and keen to investigate, he only sniffed it briefly, dismissed me, and commenced pacing around the post office as if he was searching for another dog! He sounded a low ‘wruf?’ every now and then, as if surprised that he could not find the doggie he had sensed was there. Eventually he left again, still seeming a little taken aback by the lack of physical dog.

I have been so busy lately that I didn’t take the time (or maybe the grief is still too fresh) to try and connect with Zorro’s spirit myself. But perhaps I don’t have to and he is already busy making his presence known to me in his very own Zorro way!

To be continued…


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