The Good, the Bad and the Not-so-conscious: Three Kinds of Spirits

I have always been afraid of spirits.
As a child,  at bedtime I would turn off the lights and get into bed quick, draw the covers high and screw my eyes shut for fear of what might manifest out of thin air around me.
Even though I was fascinated with the subjects of death, the afterlife and reincarnation, and worked as a past life therapist (which funnily enough is in fact working with dead people) I still had trouble sleeping well into my thirties because I was afraid of the presences that might be lurking about; presences I had no control over because I could not see them. Although the thought that I would see them scared me even more!

All this changed when I began writing my first book. As I let inspiration flow through me and let the stories tell themselves, I became conscious of the fact that I was surrounded by loving spirits, egging me on, helping me, inspiring me to write the story that turned out to be the story of my own spirit and its past lives, and those of my soul family.
For the first time in my life I went to bed feeling safe, because I had opened up to the presence of the loving spirits around me. Now these were beings that were without a physical body too; but these beings I felt I could trust, trust with my life even, as I had done when I had known them in the flesh, in my past life.

Since then I have had more and more conscious encounters with non-physical beings (not all of them human) and I began to make the distinction between the kind of spirits you’d want to have around, and the kind you don’t. I began mapping the area of spirit in my mind, and I would like to share my thoughts on this because knowledge is a great antidote to fear (love being the best antidote, of course) and it might help you lose any fear you might have about the non-physical realm too. 🙂

In my experience, we can group non-physical beings as we experience or meet them on the earthly plane into three groups according to two important variables: level of consciousness and intent.

The three kinds of spirits:

  1. Spirits that are unconscious of their condition
  2. Spirits that are conscious of their condition but have low intentions
  3. Spirits that are conscious of their condition and have high intentions
  1. Spirits that are unconscious of their condition
    These are the people who have died and are not aware of it, because of the suddenness of the traumatic experience, shock and the inability to process what has happened to them. Think of people who have died in crashes, murder victims, people who have died in an altered state of consciousness such as under the influence of alcohol, drugs or a high fever.
    These are not ‘bad’ spirits a such, they are just people (or other beings) unaware of their condition, but their presence can be a problem to sensitive people, children and animals because they are unconscious and still caught in their own trauma, their fears, their pain. Their fear and sadness can be felt by those who are sensitive enough to pick up on those free-floating emotions. Their presence might sap sensitive people of strength or they may even try to hang onto them, which is a sure way to lose your own life force and take on board symptoms not your own. When you feel a fear of ghosts, what you might be feeling might in fact be a fearful ghost! 😉
    So, these are not lost souls, they are soul fragments, parts of the soul, someone’s past life personalities that are stuck in a certain place and time, stuck in trauma while the soul of that person itself might have another part walking around in a new incarnation already!When you encounter such a spirit or feel you have one in your home, you can call a medium, experienced theta healer or past life regression therapist to help assist the soul fragment to heal so it becomes conscious and unstuck, and can go his or her way. If you feel confident doing it yourself, here are a few pointers:
    – Be respectful and kind; the spirit you are talking to is a person, and one stuck in trauma.
    – Sit in a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed, make yourself comfortable and if you want, do a meditation to ground yourself and relax (being grounded and secure in your own energy space is essential when working with spirits so if you feel you might not be, please ask a professional to do the spirit release for you).
    – Have a conversation with the presence (you can do this in your mind, or out loud). Be open to what you experience, listen to the answers with an open mind, and listen to your intuition. Let the spirit’s answers rise in your mind.
    Ask it gently if it knows that its body has died. Ask it if he/she has loved ones. Loved ones are always waiting and already around the person, they just can’t see it yet because they don’t realize they’re dead. If someone had no loving family or friends, sometimes they had a loving bond with an animal. If they had no loved ones at all, tell them there are angels for them, and mentally ask the angels to surround them with loving light. The angels are always happy to assist 🙂
    Tell them they are free, free of their old physical bodies and free to go with their loved ones or the angels. Often this will be enough. Sometimes, you may need to convince them there is no hell, no judgement.In essence, and I think this is a very important point, the ‘problem’ with unconscious spirits is not that they should go to the Light and should not be on the earthly plane, as some television shows would have us believe. The problem is that they are not conscious. Once they are conscious, and healed, their presence (if they choose to be in contact with those on the earthly plane) is no problem at all. Because there really is no boundary between the earthly plane and the other planes, there is only a difference in frequency. A spirit that is unconscious and caught in its own trauma has a low frequency and is not pleasant to be around. A spirit that is conscious, free, and loving, has a high frequency and can be a treat to have contact with!

    An example: once, I visited a friend who also plays the Celtic harp and keeps her harps in the attic. It was February, and it was cold. However, it wasn’t that cold.
    When we had been playing for a while, I became aware of the fact that I just couldn’t get warm in that room. I put on my woolly hat and scarf, I had on a woolly vest and still the cold was so bad my fingers were stiff. It felt as if the air was dense, the way water can be dense when it gets near freezing point. After a while it hit me: this was no ordinary cold. The electrical heater was working, we were in wool up to our eyeballs and still our hands were so stiff and cold we could hardy play. So I stopped playing, sat down in a comfortable place while my friend lit some sage and candles, and began to talk.  As a sensitive person, I decided I didn’t want to take on the emotions of the deceased people I felt were present. So I clearly stated my intention to stay in my own space. But I spoke to them, telling them it was okay, their bodies had died, they were free to go, and as I did I got several impressions of people. Some needed a little more reassurance, like the elderly lady who was afraid to go to hell. Others only needed a little encouragement. After a while, I felt the air lighten up, and warmth returned to the room. After that we could resume our harp session with no problems.

    For another example with a host of unconscious spirits, see my previous post The Company of Spirits.

  1.  Spirits that are conscious of their condition but have low intentions
    Now, there are also those non-physical beings who are more or less conscious of the fact their physical bodies have died, but choose to hang around, whether in spite, or because they are filled with grudges, anger or resentment. These are the ones you do not want to have around as they pollute the psychic atmosphere, just like a live person with a bad mood can kill the party.

There is a distinction between those beings who are just stewing in their own murky thoughts and grumpy feelings, as if were, and those who are actively preying on people who are susceptible to their energy, for instance because they are very ungrounded, afraid, emotionally unstable, etc. Some of these last ones can be pretty strong, and some can be of the non-human kind.

Fortunately they are only a problem when you have a ‘hook’ for their energy, an opening as it were. If you feel you have such an energy with you, don’t freak out, it happens all the time and is easily remedied. Just seek the help of a trained professional who can help you clear your energy field and heal the part of you that made you susceptible to this kind of energy (more on this subject in a future article).
If you sense the presence of a ‘murky lurking’ presence of the first category, and are not trained in this field I would leave it alone or, if you need to have the space cleared, call on assisted help.
In all these cases it helps to call on the assistance of Archangel Michael. Simply ask him to make a safe space for you, shield you and clear your space of all lower energies. In addition, if you are troubled by lower frequency beings ask for a trained professional to help you permanently clear your energy field or your home. I myself help a lot of past life therapy clients clear their energy fields of lower entities that have latched onto them in this or precious lives.

An example: I was in a shop in a town I was visiting as a tourist, with my mother and as we got to the back end of the shop (it was a jewellery and minerals shop) we both got a sudden headache, and the feeling there was a dark entity there, a man who didn’t want us close. We only discovered we had felt the same thing when we compared notes after leaving the shop rather quickly. I didn’t feel compelled to act on it; but if I had been friendly with the owner I would have advised him to metaphysically clean up his place of business, as it might repel more customers than he’d like!

Another example: I was about to do a healing session for a friend, and was in a trance state, on my way to connect with the Creator when I met a dark presence that wanted to stop me do the healing. It felt powerful, so at once I called on Archangel Michael to clear a space for me to do the healing. Immediately, the presence was gone and I was free to go on with my work. Later, the friend confirmed she had indeed been having problems with a dark entity, a person she had known in a former life, that was still trying to intimidate her in this life and keep her from standing tall and be all she was.

  1. Spirits that are conscious of their condition and have good intentions
    In this category we can put any non-physical being that is conscious and is living on a higher frequency, like benevolent loved ones that are conscious, both human and of the four-legged kind, past life loved ones (more on that in a future article too;), angels, archangels, ascended masters, etc. etc.
    What ties them together is that they contact us out of love and with respect, and always have our higher good in mind. When I feel a non-physical entity close, I check with my heart whether the energy feels as if it comes from a place of love. If it does, I know it’s okay and will proceed communicating.An example: it was the contact with these loving beings that helped me lose my fear of non-physical entities (well, that and some intensive work on past lives of mine who’d had bad experiences with the other kinds).
    One of the first conscious experiences was when my grandmother had passed away, when I was in my early thirties. I was in bed crying, because an elderly lady I had met that day had reminded me of her, and I was thinking again of the struggle she had had when she was dying. My arms were above the covers and as I was sobbing I suddenly felt a hand on my lower arm. It was a warm hand. For some reason, I was not afraid. The hand seemed to exude a loving, soothing warmth, that went through my entire arm, my body, and my sadness left me completely. I turned on my side and fell asleep, completely soothed and comforted by the loving presence.
    I didn’t know if it was my grandmother herself, a spirit guide or an angel that comforted me that night. I think it was an angel 😉

5 thoughts on “The Good, the Bad and the Not-so-conscious: Three Kinds of Spirits

  1. Ik vind jou verhalen zoooo geweldig en leerzaam! Zeker dit artikel is een geode leerstof voor mij. Vooral omdat ik in het verleden als de dood werd voor de entiteiten met een lagere energie. bedankt weer! 🙂 xxx

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