Blessings in (dis)guise

When you know in your heart and bones that YOU create your reality, that everything in your life can be healed and anything is possible, every obstacle on your path becomes a blessing.
Every roadblock, every pebble in your shoe, every detour, every sudden stop is a message from the world, or indeed your soul, to your self saying: ”Hey sweetheart, there is something that needs attention here, something that can be healed. Why don’t you pay attention and see what it tells you? Love, your higher Self.”


2 thoughts on “Blessings in (dis)guise

  1. Reality is nothing more than a composite of our mutually agreed perception. After all, the universe really is the same colour as that which we see in photo negatives, our eyes just choose to narrow and define the field because we need our eyes to see a broader range of colours. We mutually agree on what reality is and maybe the mad and the gifted see the universe for what it is..

    Some of them have chosen to see this in numbers, either in numerology or advanced mathematics like string theory. Others, notably of faith, see it as an orchestrated engine designed by an all powerful being. Others, often lovers of nature, see this reality as a cosmic symphony using light, poetry, cycles, and creativity as its instruments.

    Its quite possible that the ‘magicians’ of the past fables merely were able to see beyond this and make their reality exude into the mutual conformity that the rest of the world held. Maybe it was the universe, muses, or a divine being reaching out to those who were open enough to receive the ‘message’ of a warpable reality… A reality that is difficult to see now as our numbers grow and those who are held in a practical technocracy of not believing in magic grow with them.

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