The Company of Dog Spirits 2♥

One of the parts in late Joan Grant’s book Winged Pharaoh that touched me most was the story of the fisherman’s wife who had lost her family in a storm.
Night after night, she cried herself to sleep and stood beside the upturned fishing boat in the mud, staring at the bodies of her husband and son, unaware of their spirits behind her who, alive and well, were trying to get her attention so they could put their arms around her and comfort her.

I am sure our loved ones who have dropped their earthly bodies, of the two and four-legged kind, must feel frustrated sometimes at their inability to reach us.
But what if you can’t see them during the day, and your dreams are filled with other concerns?
Well then the dog spirit finds another way to get your attention! Especially when they are of the terrier kind…

Yesterday I was walking in the park with my mum where we often walked Zorro, our Parson Jack Russell terrier who passed over recently. We had been busy picking nettles for supper (feta cheese and nettle pie, yum!). I had been trying not to think too much about Zorro but when we crossed a big bowl-shaped grassy meadow where he often used to run, it really hit home again. I guess grief comes in waves, and this was a big one. I keenly felt his absence, and was trying to push away my sadness. after all, we were having a lovely day.
Suddenly, something jumped me from behind and I let out a surprised yelp. It was a little Yorkshire terrier!

We had met his owner on our walk earlier, a friendly lady in an electric wheelchair. A friend of hers had another dog with her who demanded our attention, so we hadn’t really had contact with the Yorkie. And when we decided to cross the bowl meadow, we had seen them in the distance, but not made contact, just waved at the lady. But now, out of the blue this little fellow came running after me over the grass, and jumped me to get my attention!
I knelt down and this little dog, whom I didn’t know was jumping to lick my face and demanding to be cuddled.

I was amazed and touched. It felt like a message from the great dog spirit, a comforting hug, saying that we are never alone, no matter what happens, the great spirit is with us, finding all sorts of ways to reach out and embrace us all. I also wondered if Zorro had nudged this little fellow terrier to come over and give me a hug from him, or even merged with him for a moment to be with  me. It wouldn’t surprise me at all…


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