Stir it up – another example of the Law of Attraction in Action☺

I love to see the Law of Attraction in action!
On Queen’s Day in the Netherlands, I was enjoying a relaxed day with one of my best friends in the little city center of Gouda, Holland. We were enjoying our chips (French fries) and chatting away when we became increasingly aware of the music – there was a live band playing and, to our ears, it sounded like a band of grumpy elderly men trying to re-live even grumpier teenage years live on stage in public.

After a few more wailing rounds of elderly teenage angst flung into the world we had enough… I felt a growing need for some fun music, something sweet and sexy, anything! So I began singing ‘Stir it up’ by Bob Marley. It’s one of my favourite Bob Marley tunes ever. It never fails to cheer me up.

So we sang for a few minutes, and got up to go get some ice-cream – at which point we could see the actual band in action. They WERE a couple of teenagers, and very serious about expressing their teenage woes as well! They were working so hard to be cool. We were mollified. How cute! I expected the lead singer to thrash his guitar any minute, but he was wiser than that.

The band was done, they bowed, we clapped and walked away… and when we got back with ice-cream, a music tape was started… and to our absolute astonishment and delight.. we heard the first chords of ”Stir it Up!”

So true to the Law of Attraction (and the Law of Allowing) we had gotten exactly what we wanted! We stated (sung, actually) our desire, we let go, we released resistance to the circumstances instead of pushing back against the not-wanted… et voila! Our wish was granted!

Of course, as a therapist I know that bigger desires than hearing ‘Stir it up’ may take a little more effort. A little house-clearing of the psyche may be required to manifest bigger things, all the subconscious beliefs from childhood, ancestors or former lives, saying ‘No, it’s not safe to have this’ or ‘No, I am not worthy because…’
But on that sunny afternoon in Gouda, hearing Bob sing, I could feel that really, anything is possible!


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