Road Rage: How Healing a Past Life made Traffic a lot safer

I am not a violent person. Honestly. I am a peace-loving, crocheting, tree-hugging, fun-loving lady in purple who wants to spread cheer and inspiration across the world. Well, most of the time. There is just one thing that sets me into a seething rage. That is, until I healed the past life that was behind it. Unfairness in traffic.

I have always had a bit of a temper when riding my bicycle. Always pedalling as fast as I could, always the first at the traffic light. Astrologers won’t be surprised to hear I have a Scorpio Mars in the Third House, the apex of a T-square. I want to do what I want to and I want to do it now. 

Otherwise, I am as sweet-tempered as you could wish for. Except. When. People. Cut me off. In. Traffic.
It makes me see red!

The last couple of years, it had grown progressively worse. I began to attract bizarre traffic situations in which people didn’t respect my rights on the road. Bumping into me, ignoring red lights and other signals, not giving me right of way, even riding against traffic and getting angry at me for getting in the way while I was on the right side of the road!
And I began to wonder at my own reactions. Not only  did I feel a steady rise of seething, boiling anger which made me curse them in public, shout at them, even undertake risky behaviour like stubbornly riding on while they were about to run a red light and crash into me. Underneath it was a different emotion. Underneath it was fear.

One day, I was waiting in line at a little local supermarket when a man behind me was being obnoxious, not letting people pass, bumping into me, and even calling me names when I asked him to treat me with respect. I had a major wake-up call when I found myself giving him the finger. This had to stop. My fights now extended to supermarkets and village streets. I had to do something before I ended up with a black eye. Or in jail.

So I went home and made myself a cup of tea. I sat down on the couch and closed my eyes, and let my attention sink into myself, in search of the part of me that was so angry, and underneath the anger, so terrified.

It didn’t take me long to find him. He was a dark-haired man, slender and handsome, a man from a different civilisation, possibly a different planet. A past life. Intelligent, sensitive and loving, he belonged to a people that, on their world, were treated with utter contempt. They were a lower form of life. Second-class citizens. They had no rights to speak of.
From an early age on, this had filled him with rage. He had seen his mother treated like a serf, his father, his brothers and sisters. It made him so angry. And when he grew up, he became the leader of the resistance movement. Partisans.
They felt justified using violence to get justice for their people. Unlike Ghandi, he didn’t understand, that by using anger to get justice for his people, however well he meant, he was bringing more anger into the world. More violence.
So, one day when he started his vehicle, it blew up in his face. He was shattered into a million pieces. A car bomb.

When a past life is suddenly cut short like this, the shock and disorientation prevents them from  moving on. Often these past life spirits don’t even realise they’re dead. They are stuck in that moment of shock and fear, of utter disorientation and panic. So I helped him gather the pieces of himself. I helped him realise what had happened, where he was. He cried when he realised. I told him I was proud of him, that he had alwyas stood up for himself and his people. I also had a talk with him about the principle of non-violent action, about being a spiritual warrior. He was happy to be reunited with his family, his people. A deep sense of relief came over me when I felt him go.

Since that day, my road rage has gone. Just like that. Of course, people still annoy me when they behave irresponsibly in traffic. When they disregard my rights or those of others. I lift my brows at them, I wave an arm to get right of way, and I move on. No need to explode any more!


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