The All-Encompassing

”Night settled around them like a cloak of sable velvet, and stalked their fire like a soft-footed cat. They had a late makeshift meal. The forest was silent but for an occasional rustle of leaves and the cry of a prowling animal. The stars had come out one by one.
After he had eaten Rom sat back, and stared at them meditatively. He hadn’t yet spoken a word. Where he had been, there had been no need for any. He felt strangely reluctant to break the silence. Yldich did so finally. He spoke softly, his voice just loud enough to be heard over the crackling of the fire and the rustling of the Forest.
‘We call it Eärwe, the all-encompassing. It is knowing you are part of the Whole, of the living entity that is the world. It is the All.’ He threw some pine cones on the fire and poked it up with a stick. ‘It is a state of being all children of the Einache were made familiar with in the old days. It’s how they knew who they were. It was the reason they were able to live without disturbing the Balance.’ He paused, his eyes seeming to focus on something far away and long ago.
‘It’s also the reason why Einache fighters were not afraid to go into battle. They knew their true being. They knew death wouldn’t change that.’ Rom swallowed and tentatively cleared his throat. A thought occurred to him. He tried his voice.
‘If all the Einache knew this,’ he said huskily, ‘how could the dark fear overpower them when the Tzanatzi came?’
Yldich looked at him. ‘If I knew that, we would probably not be sitting here trying to find a way to stop it from rising again.’
Rom started. ‘Is that what this is all about?’
Yldich nodded. ‘Not all the people of my House agree with my conjectures,’ he said, staring into the fire, ‘but that is my belief.’ ”
From: ”Curse of the Tahiéra,” Wendy Gillissen 2009

I had my own first conscious experience with what Yldich, the ancient Shaman in my début novel would call Eärwe, when I was about twenty (almost the same age as Rom, coincidentally). And just like him, I was not prepared for it one bit!

I was in my living room, listening to some music to get me fired up to go to work. It was a live concert by Prince, who at that time, I felt was divinely inspired indeed! There was an intro to a song that really got to me.
I was listening to the music, feeling elation make my consciousness rise higher and higher, higher and higher… and suddenly, I was leaving my body by the top of my head, speeding through the ceiling, launched into the azure sky and into the black vastness of space! I was not afraid, the music had lifted my spirits too much for that. It was like being launched into heaven. There were stars like little gems in the blackness, and I sped ever faster and higher, until I came to a place like a gigantic soft pink nebula  with twinkling stars. Tears sprung to my eyes. This was my birth place, this was home. It was a knowing beyond any words or logic. Here was my true home.
I have tried to find pictures of the right nebula when the internet came into being, but I still don’t know for sure which Galaxy to call home. It doesn’t matter. Like Yldich would say, we are all part of the Whole, the All-Encompassing.
We are always Home.


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