A little bit of heaven in the neonatal ward


I am convinced that music and sound play an important part in our well-being. Music can lift our spirits, help us have courage, move us, cheer us up, get our blood flowing and much more! I wrote a post earlier about how a live concert by Prince made me travel to the seat of my soul😉
Mark Harmer is a harp artist and composer who volunteered for a wonderful project: to help premature babies and their parents with the aid of the harp. See and hear how in this lovely short clip!


2 thoughts on “A little bit of heaven in the neonatal ward

  1. Music is Food for the Soul… Music plays a huge roll in our well being I am certain of it.. Have you heard of Dr Emoto and how music affects water? We are water and carbon based.. over 75% of our bodies are made up of water.. I did a post if you have not heard of him here on my blog

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful post… 🙂
    Blessings Sue

    1. Thank you dear Sue! Yes, I think music is amazing.. the effects it can have on our bodies, minds and emotions… I see it all as frequency, and as in reality everything is frequency… it doesn’t really surprise me it has such powerful effects:-) Yes, I know dr. Emoto’s work, incredible and fascinating! I will enjoy reading your blog post on it! Thank you 🙂

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