There’s no such thing as writer’s block… when you listen☺

Writer’s block.
It’s the thing most writers dread more than anything. I seldom suffer from it, but when I do, I magically forget why! And then I have to invent the wheel all over again… so I can roll out of the block and happily continue creating.

I only get writer’s block when I forget that the little me, Ego is not the one writing my books. It is the bigger Me, my Spirit, my Soul. Whenever I forget, I struggle. I try to ”invent” my story. I start thinking. I start struggling. It feels like an uphill race.
So whenever I feel I am struggling, I stop and wonder why.

The answer is always the same. I had let the little Me write the story again! So I let go, and let Spirit. I just listen. I listen to some music that inspires me, I get on my rowing machine, I do the dishes. I carry water and chop wood. And I let go of trying to steer the story. I hold the story loosely in my hands, like something precious. Like a bird. I let go, and let it fly. I let the story write itself. I don’t try and make anything happen. I just listen.

And in no time, the images will come back to me. Dialogue will flow. I only need to write it down. It is my spirit writing my stories. As long as I let Spirit, I need to have no fear of the dreaded writer’s block! 😉

Image: Flaming June, by Frederick Lord Leighton


8 thoughts on “There’s no such thing as writer’s block… when you listen☺

  1. Right on target Miss Wendy! I love to write from the higher perspective. It’s effortless. Sometimes when I read them later, I’m amazed (but not really!). Just connect in and let it all fly! Much love and bazillions of sparklies… ❤

    1. Indeed miss Linda! 🙂 The funny thing is that writing from ego is hard work.. while writing from spirit flows effortlessly… so let’s be ‘lazy’ and flow, eh fly away! Showers of sparklies and happy weekend! ❤

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