Angels, elementals and other non-human incarnations


The incarnation process as I see it, begins with the first (seemingly) separation of consciousness from Source, the Unity consciousness where there is no duality. From the blissful state of Unity begins the adventurous journey of the soul, which craves expansion, experience, consciousness. But not everyone begins his or her ‘career’ in Duality as a human being.

The possibilities of the soul to manifest itself are endless, and everything is possible! That is why it’s not surprising to see many clients in my practice who have made the first jump from soul, their Higher Being, into the incarnation process as angels, elementals, ‘extra-terrestrials’, or even astral lifeforms. All lifeforms are possible. It is also possible to have more incarnations that are more or less ‘physical’: as elves, elementals etc.

Now, a first incarnation as a non-human or non-corporeal being (and to be honest, I would like a new word for that, because ‘incarnation’ literally means ‘into the flesh’) can carry with it complications all of its own.

For instance, their first experience with life in a corporeal body, with all the consequences and emotions that go with that, can be quite a shock for lifeforms that hitherto, have remained incorporeal.
The crassness of the earth plane can serve as a traumatic experience for these beings, depending on the circumstances they have chosen to incarnate into. A life in a rough, primitive society can be more shocking than one in a more refined surroundings.

Besides that, these people have often specific impulses to incarnate.
With incarnated angels for instance, I often see a great need to help carried over even into this life, at the expense of themselves. Observing ‘suffering’ in duality (on which I will write another post) from the angelic sphere and the state of being an angel initially is often a great shock for these people. It is unbearable. To relieve it, they sometimes begin the incarnation process from the desire to ‘help’, from the wish to make the suffering disappear. They cannot fathom at that time that they are bypassing the function of duality, namely to be able to experience everything. And so they can be caught in a spiral of lives in which suffering, guilt, saving and being saved take centre stage. 

Elementals and elves too often wrestle with certain aspects of duality and life on earth. Especially the destructive way in which nature is treated on earth can psychologically cripple and dis-empower these people because it invokes old traumatic experiences in which complete planets and civilisations were obliterated, natural life included. It can sometimes make it difficult for these people to ground themselves and celebrate their human beingness, and live their passion and love of nature in a positive way instead of being caught in victim-consciousness, rage or paralysis.

Revisiting the first seeming separation from Source by regression, and regressing back to their first incarnation(s) can help these people get clarity in their process as it unfolds now. It can also be a fantastic opportunity to release and heal old pain, to release old contracts and reassess old goals. The purpose of this is to be able to stand in their own energy, to live their gifts, their uniqueness of being from love and trust instead of from fear and guilt.

When angels, devas, elementals, dragons, dolphin beings,elves, and all other lifeforms that exist shine from their own primal power everything is possible again and they will re-empower themselves to give a great gift to life on earth… simply by being!


Art by Aimee Stewart


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