Fae incognito!

The Fae have been making their presence known in my life more than ever before, or I have been more open to sensing them. But I never expected to find them frolicking disguised as ducks in the Dutch countryside!

The other day I was having lunch at my favorite outdoors café. It has a lovely natural ambience, no doubt helped by the presence of goats, baby goats, hens, ducks, lambs, and a host of sparrows patiently waiting to feast on the crumbs of my lunch.

My companion had gone to the ladies’ room which gave me time to study the pair of ducks that had been the star of the animal show all afternoon. They were a male and a female, and the pair had been chasing each other by land and air, making the customers duck (ha!) their heads as they swooped, drinking from the doggie bowl, chasing after scraps, and generally having a blast, in duck terms. They were actually panting from their antics.
When they were settling down behind my chair, I turned to have a good look at them. Inspired by the stories of a friend of mine who is an animal communicator, I decided to try and get a better ‘look’: to get a sense of their energy, their duck personalities. And maybe even communicate with them. Was I in for a surprise!

As soon as I intuitively tuned into them, their energy, I got a sense of high frequency, warm and soft energy emanating from both of them, elongated and much taller than the ducks’ bodies, in fact not like ducks at all… they were Fae! At that precise moment, they both turned their heads, tilted them sideways like I have never seen ducks do in my life, and looked me straight in the eye as if they had been caught out. Busted!

Now this event had me thinking. I have had more instances in my life where animals behaved out of character and from a seemingly higher or different state of consciousness. One example is on my blog. Where they temporarily ‘overshadowed’ by another consciousness or being? And do Fae and other begins of a higher consciousness indeed incarnate as animals? Maybe just for the fun of it? One thing is for certain: the Fae incorporating the duck bodies had a ball!
To be continued…

PS to respect the wishes of the Fae, the identity of said ducks will remain a secret… 😉


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