Loving Spirits: the Greek Fisherman


When you’re in contact with the spirits, you will know that when they say that love is forever, they mean forever!

Three years ago when I was visiting the Greek island of my Muse, my mum and I were browsing a shop with original jewellery made with leather, sea shells, stones etc. There was a bracelet I liked: it was like a snake with two heads, the heads being shells with curious spirals. For some reason I decided against buying it. Probably because I had enough bracelets already 😉
When we were about to leave the shop, someone urgently communicated to my mum: “Tell her she must get the bracelet!” She had the impression of a Greek fisherman with greying hair. But he wasn’t actually physically present. His urgency moved her, and me, when she told me. So, because my mum insisted I got the bracelet anyway. But I only found out later who the fisherman was.

I was working on my past lives when I discovered the story of a girl from Sicily. She had gotten into trouble with the mafia and was forced into prostitution. She escaped to Greece but had to leave her little son behind. She fell in love with a Greek fisherman and they were inseparable until his death. I thought her name was Mouria, but it never quite sat right with me.

I was on my island two years later when, looking at my favourite bracelet from Greece, it suddenly hit me. I had found on the internet that one of the names of the curious shells was “Eyes of Mary”. My Greek-Italian past life’s name was Maria! I could almost see Manos, her Greek fisherman lover grinning at me.

Now, another year later, Manos again came to my rescue. Traveling to my beloved island I had some run-ins with dominant, obnoxious female tourists. Well, one in particular: I ran into her as many as three times in different places! And the island is not that small.
I wondered why she was crossing my path again and again. I realised she probably was mirroring something back to me about the need to truly stand tall and seize my power.

I was meditating on this when I felt a very warm, loving presence lay against my lower back. Manos! My mum could actually see his energy, cuddled against me. It formed a big heart. She also saw the presences of Maria herself, a tiny woman, and her child, Antonio.

I pondered everything as I went to the shower when an old tune started to play inside my head. I sang it to my mum and asked if she knew what it was. It turned out to be the tune to “the Godfather”! Then I knew I had some more healing to do. That is, Maria had.

I found out she had been oppressed by the very authoritarian, dominant woman who ran the mafia brothel. Anytime Maria opposed her, she would be severely punished. So that’s why cold, dominant women still managed to throw me off guard. But not anymore!

I did some theta healing for Maria and have not run into the dominant woman again! I am so thankful for the help and love of the spirit of her Greek lover who is still with me today. And of the appearance of her little son Antonio. I have a suspicion who his latest incarnation might be…


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