Loving spirits: the Sea nymph


It’s not always easy, being highly sensitive in this world. But one if the greatest joys it has given me is being more and more able to connect with the conscious, living spirit of Nature.

There is a small strip of pebble beach on the Greek Island of my muse that is hardly visited by tourists at all. We never stopped there because it’s by the roadside and it takes some scrambling down banks and bushes to get there. However, since the place with it’s strange rock formations that seem to float on the Mediterranean Sea fascinated my mum, last year we finally decided on a swim. It was magic.

Looking back to the shore, with it’s rocky slopes with rich golden broom and towering cypress trees reaching for heaven, I felt like I was revisiting ancient Greece. As I turned again to the sea, I felt something in the water with me. Something sentient. A presence that seemed made from water looked at me with great curiosity. It, or rather she felt powerful, beautiful, and completely one with the sea. I got an impression of a proud watery head crowned with waves. Then she turned and was gone.
I got out if the water thinking of the old stories, grinning to myself at the thought that it was probably fortunate that I was not a man, or the sea nymph might have wanted to seduce me and lure me to the watery depths.

A year later I was at the same little beach again, longing for a swim though the water was still rather cold. I did not sense any nymphs, but I did notice the water: it feels so much more alive there, even compared to the water just one beach further down the coast. I felt warm pockets of welcoming seawater surround me, carry me, and my heart opened in gratitude and love. Pondering on this love that is everywhere, living, breathing, all-encompassing love, I reached the beach and found three heart-shaped pebbles, one after the other: the last having a heart within the crystal formed within it.


I had to leave one as it was too heavy for my hand luggage. The other two I brought home with me as a reminder of the love that is available to us all, anytime, anywhere!



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