The wonderful ways the angels speak to us: synchronicity

Today I was reminded again of the wonderful, diverse ways the angels find to communicate with us – that is, when we are unable to tap in directly to their loving guidance. As I am when I am stubborn trying to solve everything with my mind once more. A habit that is hard to break! 😉

I was feeling a little run-down with work these last few days, and felt a need for re-affirmation of my life’s purpose: to channel the inspiration of my spirit through writing. Is it really what I  feel it to be? I asked for the help of my angels.
Instantly, my eyes were drawn to the music stand in my room next to my harp, and to the sheet music on it. It has ”PREVIEW” stamped on it in big letters (it is a sample I downloaded from the net).

Preview? I had no idea what this should mean to me! I decided to wait patiently for the angels to reveal more.
Next, I opened the magazine I write a column for to a page of a lady whose angels helped her re-find her life’s purpose by being conscious of what activities give her joy and which no longer do so. Yes, I pondered – channeling the inspiration of my spirit through writing is what gives me the most joy. When inspiration flows, I could write on day and night (and have done so).
The next moment, another blogger reacted to a post which has to do with my own life purpose.
And then, to wrap it all up a blog post by Karen Kubicko arrived in my reader called ”Déjà vu” – preview! It is a story about how she renewed her faith in her life’s purpose by finding a bracelet that excites strong feelings of déjà vu – which she ties to the preview of our life we are shown before incarnation. Preview!

Oh, isn’t it funny how the angels use any means to show us our way and help us help each other? Synchronicity is a wonderful thing! ❤

PS I have just remembered – there is also a taverna on the island of my Muse, the island that first incited my desire to write my soul-inspired books – a copy of my first one is actually living there. The taverna’s name is Preview 😉


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