Raising your vibration: how the power of words can make you happy

It’s funny how, when we are a little low in energy, or low on the vibrational scale, we tend to forget the simplest tools that can help us raise our vibration and get us in a happy state again.

I was traveling on my beloved Greek island and had met some harsh, low energy people. Somehow it had gotten to me: my paradise disturbed! My piece of heaven trodden on by disrespectful feet! And of course, because I was letting it get to me, I was attracting more of the same. At a certain moment, when I was stopping at a lovely taverna with special otherworldy energy and wanted to have a talk with the sweet people who owned it, two cars came to a screeching halt and regurgitated eight noisy people who took over the entire terrace with their bad manners and loud screaming. It was getting ridiculous. I had to stop attracting this!

Then I remembered the tool I have been using for years: first, as a teen, without knowing why, or how it worked exactly, then more consciously: the power of words and intentions.

Because of the subject, I decided to turn the experience around and use the following mantra: ”I love to meet loving kindred spirits.”
I repeated it silently, in my head all that day. I began to feel better after about fifteen minutes. And then I started to see evidence of my mantra: meeting more and more lovely, kind people on the way, unexpected kindnesses from strangers and meeting people I hadn’t seen in yours and having a wonderful time!
The most amazing one was, when I stopped the car to take a picture of a lovely house I had dying to photograph, and an elderly Greek man suddenly appeared out of nowhere. It turned out the house used to belong to his mother, and he was a musician who had worked for the motion picture ”Captain Corelli’s Mandolin,” which was partly filmed there. He pulled me into his house and showed me wonderful pictures from his days as an artist, singing about his beloved island (which I love too) and ended up giving me a CD and a big hug!  It was like one artist meeting another, even though we had to make do with broken English, hands and feet.
I love to meet loving kindred spirits!

That night I had an amazing experience. I was dreaming about meeting my soulmate. We had a talk about our backgrounds, our adolescent years, being rebels coming from less than perfect circumstances. I woke up because I needed to use the bathroom – and walking back to bed with my eyes half closed, I realised I was seeing energy. I was seeing a field of energy, like little lightning bolts all connected together, all around, everywhere. I was amazed becasue as an empath I feel energy, I almost never see it.
When I stepped back into bed the vision changed into a world of cracked mirror pieces, mirroring the most beautiful field flowers: vibrant red poppies and flowers in brilliant blues and golds… I felt I was allowed a glimpse of the world as it is on an energy level. Because I had raised my vibration so much, I was finally able to see it. I realised with a sense of elated joy that I am, ultimately, wonderfully free: free from suffering, free from pain because I can forever create my own experience using my own intention. I am free. That’s the power of words and intention! ❤
Happy creating! 🙂

PS I found out that morning from my lovely Greek friends in Argostoli that it was Pentecost – The Day of the Descent of the Holy Spirit. Well that gave me goosebumps…


9 thoughts on “Raising your vibration: how the power of words can make you happy

  1. I met a loving kindred Spirit in you Miss Wendy! Loved your post! Love you! And today, my mantra will be “I love to meet loving kindred spirits.” and I’m going to sit back and enjoy what comes! A beautiful reminder that we ALREADY have all we need…. we only need to remember. Lots of beautiful rainbow sparklies to you Wendy and thank you for being a part of my life. Linda ❤ ❤ ❤

    1. Ah, dear Linda thank YOU and love YOU! For your generosity of spirit and being the kindred loving spirit you are! ❤ Ha, I was just thinking on my way to the grocery store that the fun part of a mantra like this is, that you never know beforehand what kind of kindred spirits you will attract – so when I was thinking this, I met a statistics-defying abundance of flowers, giggling little girls, smiling babies and a cashier lady who was much more bubbly and giggly than usual! What fun! 🙂 Lots of rainbows sparklies and giggles to you and thank you for being part of my life! 🙂 ❤ ❤ 🙂

  2. What an amazing Dream and experience of seeing energy… I loved your Mantra too…. I love meeting Kindred spirits too. and so happy our paths crossed.. Poppies are one of my favourite flowers.. xxx Thank you for an amazing photo..
    Blessings Sue

    1. Thank you so much for your kind comment Sue! I am happy our paths crossed too! Please try out this mantra if you will, it has worked tremendously for me, in the most surprising ways… it is a lot of fun! 🙂 And poppies, ah… I can’t get enough of them too… such fleeting and ethereal beauty, vibrant colours, I sometimes feel they are from the fairy realm! 🙂 The picture is from a couple of years ago on Kefalonia, Greece… Blessings to you, Wendy xxx

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