3 thoughts on “Believe…

  1. A wonderful photo, I love Dragonflies, and one year had many come around me which was unusual as we do not see all that many where we live..
    Magic is all around.. and last week as I painted outdoors a little pot.. I heard a cry overhead which I had only heard on films… I saw two large birds soaring away in circles and they were hawks of some kind… Larger than our sparrow hawks and not hovering as they do for prey.. but just flying over my head… I looked up and the shadow of one passed directly over me.. and then they were gone..
    They brought me comfort, as if saying I was on my correct path… I still havent looked up the meaning of hawks, if that is what they were. but they sure brought a smile to my face..
    Many thanks for you visit…
    I loved you stopped by to comment..

    1. Thank you Sue! Ah, aren’t synchronistic meetings with nature wonderful… My dragonfly conveyed a similar kind of message to me. By the way, according to Jamie Sams, Hawk often serves as a Messenger! Hawk sees everything from the bigger perspective, unlike Mouse who scrutinizes everything from close up (and can therefore miss the bigger picture 😉 ) A messenger from spirit or your higher self maybe to say you are on the right path? But of course, the feeling you have at the time is the best clue as to the meaning!
      Thank you for stopping by and I look forward to my next visit to your blog! xx

      1. Thank you for that, yes I was painting outdoors some of my artwork.. I think I interpreted correctly in Spirit giving me the approval of where my future thoughts are taking me.. 🙂 Many thanks dear one.. 🙂 xxx

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