Love will reach you in any way it can… if you’ll let it ♥

Today I had an opportunity to practice my affirmation ”I love meeting loving kindred spirits” again. I had to do some quick shopping and the city was hot, smog-filled, busy and crowded. I was getting run-down and chagrined when I remembered my mantra. ”I love meeting loving kindred spirits.”
The next thing I know, a friendly man pulls up next to me with his bicycle – with a gorgeous King Charles Cocker Spaniel in his bicycle basket. Well of course I melted… and I had the entire time the traffic lights were red to pet the puppy… joy! I continued on my way so much lighter of heart. And this is not the first time a dog crossed my path just when I needed to lift my spirits. It’s instantaneous.

It got me thinking, too. Love does reach us in any way it can, if only we ask for it. It will use people, puppies, trees, ducks, elves, children, butterflies, whatever carrier it can to reach us and open our hearts. If we are only willing to receive! ♥



2 thoughts on “Love will reach you in any way it can… if you’ll let it ♥

  1. Exactly we have to invite Love in, and I love that mantra, and since you first posted it have been using it myself.. with some amazing results. 🙂 as I too have met the nicest of people while out and about 😉

    1. I am so glad you were able to make good use of the mantra Sue! 🙂 Me, I get to meet a disproportionate number of lovely dogs and their owners, Fae beings and elements, etc 🙂 Such fun! ❤

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