Nature is my favourite artist ♥

Lanterns fit for the Woodland King… ❤


Picture by Sharon Johnstone

”Áyra looked up at the Woodland King. His cloak was woven of leaves of may hues; from the dark blood red of autumn leaves to the fresh green of spring saplings. But when Áyra blinked his eyes, and looked again, it was of rich blue velvet, studded with star-like gems. He sighed with surprise.
‘Come,’ the King said. ‘Tell me your name.’
Áyra stepped forward and took a deep breath. ‘I am the son of the Náeria,’ he said in his clear voice. ‘Elemni Áyra.’
‘An artist!’ the King exclaimed. There was an awed sigh from his retinue. Áyra could see them more clearly now: white-haired lords and ladies, dressed in flowing dresses of morning mist and necklaces of dewdrop gems, tunics of rich moss-green and swords of lightning. ‘Come to my banquet Hall,’ the King said, and held out his hand. Áyra laid his small hand in the strong, slender hand of the King. ‘You shall play for us,’ the King said, and his many-coloured eyes glittered. ‘And if you play well, I shall give you a Gift.’
A thought flitted through the boy’s head like a ghost.
And if I don’t?

From: ”The Search for Tzanáta,” © Wendy Gillissen 2014


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