In the face of tragedy ♥

♥ In the face of any tragic event brought into our homes by the media it’s so important to stay in a place of peace, love, and not to get sucked into the fear, the anger, the drama… let’s not add to the tragedy and lower the frequency of the world around us. Let’s stay calm, focus on peace, light and love… Help where we can but stay focused in love… We are eternal spiritual beings having a human experience ♥


4 thoughts on “In the face of tragedy ♥

  1. So true Wendy, we need to send out our compassionate thoughts not blame… but thoughts that will unite and bring about harmony so such tragedy can be stopped in the future .. xxx Blessings for your heart and love your chosen graphic to go with this post too
    _/\_ Sue

    1. Dear Shakti, indeed! Thank you for your comment. Yes, if we cannot change it, how can we make peace with it so we ourselves remain a source of peace and joy in this world?
      Cheers, Wendy

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