Loving Spirits: Petey the Pixie ☺


I am always surrounded by spirits, it seems, and usually I feel their presence by the tingling of my skin, the light, warm touch of a hand on my wrist, and by the place on my body I will usually have a good idea of who it is. Mostly they are beloveds from other lifetimes (see for instance: Loving Spirits, the Greek Fisherman), and it is comforting and uplifting to feel their presence. I don’t really see them as much, and I am still working on that! I would love to be able to communicate with them more clearly. Well, a few days ago I stated I wanted exactly that, and of course I got more than I bargained for!

That same day, I felt a presence by the tingling of my skin on my right hip and arm. It felt like a child, at least someone the size of a child. But there was something different about it… It took a few days of feeling and pondering, while it continued to tingle away on my right, before I realized: this was no human presence… it was an elf-child! A fairy! Again, my partner in crime, my mother could see the energy like a big orb, exactly in the spot I could sense it. And we both agreed it ‘felt’ child-like, funny, exuberant… a little fairy boy with reddish brown hair and glittering eyes. And did he love the acknowledgement and attention! It made him dance for joy! This is something I feel with all spirit visitors: they love to be acknowledged. Well, it makes sense… after all, how would you feel if you paid someone a visit and they ignored you?

That evening I decided to delve a little further. Of course I am ready to believe that fairy boys come out of nowhere just for the fun of it. But experience made me believe there must be more to the story than that…

A short tarot reading had already revealed that this little fairy boy, although he was okay and happy now, had been lost from home for a while, had known loneliness and was therefore even more happy to connect with a kindred spirit… so I started digging. It wasn’t long before I found this little fairy boy could move about so freely.. because he was a spirit! His ‘fairy body’ had at some point deceased. Then it hit me… he was no random visitor. He was family…

I have discovered several incarnations as other than human beings, and I realized I had been the boy’s fairy father at some point. I could see him in my mind’s eye: a tall, regal man-like being with long, reddish brown hair, a crown of autumn leaves that covered part of his face, and melancholy eyes. But I couldn’t seem to work with this incarnation like a did with other past lives of mine… it took me a while to realize that this incarnation was, or is in fact still living! Could it be that the little fairy, who by now had introduced himself as ‘Petey’ wanted me to tell his dad that he was okay in the spirit world? Well I had asked to be a more open channel for spirit communication.. but I never expected to be recruited to be an impromptu medium for fairies!

To be continued……… 🙂

Have you had any personal experiences with the fairy world? I’d love to hear your story!

Picture: Sycamore fairy by Mary Cicely Barker


6 thoughts on “Loving Spirits: Petey the Pixie ☺

  1. My self personally I have never experienced the Fairy world.. But a medium friend of mine who has now passed to spirit once upon a time did.. She saw them once while walking in a wood… I believe I have them within my Garden and have little fairy doors all over the place LoL.. Loved reading this post.. 🙂 thank you

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