A simple I AM meditation that will change the world around you before your eyes☺

Many years ago, I began noticing that my energy had a profound effect on the way I perceived the world around me. It also changed the way the world reacted to me.

Today, inspired by a lovely Facebook post by the wise and sparkly Linda Grimm of Thetahealing connect, I want to share my own practice with you. Especially since we are bombarded with dark imagery these last couple of weeks that may put us in a dark place. We don’t have to be. Just do this meditation.

It’s simple.

Every time you go out, still your mind. Be aware of how you are walking (or cycling, or driving).
Silently repeat to yourself: ”I am my devine true soul self. I am pure joy. I am pure light.”
(You can change these words according to what feels right to you).

Take the time to feel the words.
Really feel them.

And after a few times, you may feel a sparkly sense of freedom, a joy, an in-and outpouring of free and unconditional love and happiness that will put a smile on your face.

And guess what?
That smile will affect everyone you meet!

It may even make miracles happen.

Remember: if anyone does not react in a positive way, they are not ready to handle that joy and light. That’s okay. Just let them walk away.

But my experience is that most people, animals, the stream of events will flow with you and react in the most delicious way!


Image by

Channel Marie Imperial

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