For all fellow artists ♥

Once upon a time, there was a lady in a tower who meditated for hours and hours, days and days to catch a glimpse of the true beauty of the Universe. One day, she finally saw it! She picked up her brushes and paints and began to work.
She worked for days and nights on end, because the vision she saw was so beautiful she didn’t want to lose the tiniest part of it. Finally her painting was finished. Tired and satisfied the lady went to bed.
In her absence another came into her tower. They found the painting and gasped for breath. How beautiful! The other took the painting and showed it off to the world as their own. After all, they did recognize the beauty, they were part of it, weren’t they?
For a few days, the painter was inconsolable. Then one morning, she picked up an empty canvas. She began another paining. A friend came by and asked her: ‘How can you paint when you know your work has been stolen?’
 She smiled and said: ‘I know my work is out there in the world, it has its own life and will bring people joy. And even though it is paraded off as someone else’s it will bring them no satisfaction. Because when people ask them: ‘How did you get by this vision?’ they will have no answer. And when they ask them ‘Will you paint another?’ they cannot. But I AM this vision, I AM the beauty and I can create from this place forever…’

Noth Rose Notre Dame, Paris
Image: Nort Rose Window, Notre Dame Paris, photograph by Krzysztof Mizera



3 thoughts on “For all fellow artists ♥

  1. A wonderful story.. I know as i once found someone had stolen my poetry and pretended it to be there own on a blogging site.. At first I was peeved and then I thought my words were obviously worthy of being stolen to be passed off as their own, in which others were reading.. They knew the praise was not for their creation, but for the creation that was being read.. As this artist recognised her work was being admired for by the beauty she created..
    At the end of the day it matters not who created it.. For we all draw our creations from that inner Divine Source of ALL of Creation… 🙂
    Great story and lesson here Wendy.. 🙂

    1. Thank you dear Sue! 🙂 And thanks for sharing your experience. It’s nice to know one’s work is steal-worthy…;-) And you, the creator gets to sleep at night with a clear conscience 😉

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