Prayer… yur doin’ it rite ;-)

Sorry about the LOLspeak – I couldn’t help myself when I saw this cute praying kitty! 🙂
Anyway… it amazes me how often I find affirmations and prayers on Face Book and other media stating things in the negative.

An example would be ‘Dear Creator, please help me be less egotistical and do good.’

I have two problems with statements like this. First, they are dis-empowering. Of course, there is nothing wrong with enlisting the help of the Creator, of angels, archangels, and other beings.
But I believe it will not work when you beg them from a mindset that is self-deprecating. We are not bad, we are not unworthy. We ARE the Creator. Creator and us are ONE. I don’t think it is enlightening to pray from a mindset that negates that.

Second, it doesn’t help if you pray or affirm from the negative. Stating what you don’t want, or want less of, or don’t want to be, keeps you focused on the old vibration of what you don’t want. And you don’t want that 😉
Rather than lift your spirit, these negative ‘Please help me I don’t want this’ prayers will keep you dis-empowered and stuck in the same old patterns and energies.

Rather that pray in the negative, you may want to pray or affirm using statements about what you DO want.
An example would be: ‘I align with my divine Higher Self and love to communicate from my heart.’ or ‘I am sensitive to the needs of others. ‘ or ‘I enjoy the company of loving, sensitive people.’ or ‘Please help me see people from the loving perspective of the angels’.
You can make affirmations on anything you want, and they will work best for you when you state them in a positive manner that is true to the worthiness and deserving,  divine nature of the beautiful being that you are!
Happy praying! ♥

cat prayer 1


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