Incarnated angels – are you one? Traits and challenges of angels on earth

I assumed for years that human beings all choose more or less the same incarnation route: we are all part of the Source, blissful and undifferentiated. Then we choose the way of individuation and self-development by seemingly separating from Source and taking up the journey from Unity consciousness to Duality, which is often experienced as a shock, and incarnate as human beings. Imagine my surprise when, in my own life, I began coming across more and more evidence of the existence of incarnated angels. In this article I would like to share some of my experiences with incarnated angels, and their ‘dark’ counterparts, the ‘fallen’ angels. I would also like to share some knowledge of the pitfalls incarnated angels tend to encounter in the incarnation process.

Personal experience
The first reason I could not deny the existence of incarnated angels any longer, was the discovery of my own origins. For years I had had signs, but I never dared take them seriously. At one time, angels even came to me, held my arms in a specific way (I had felt angels greet me this way before) and said ‘welcome, sister’ — but I didn’t dare tell my then supervisor. Whatever would she think? One reason people might suppress this kind of experience is the way angels have often been portrayed in the media, by religion, and the image we still have of them: for instance as holy, pure, and elevated above ordinary people and their earthly motivations. Behind this there is often a hidden tendency to judge the earthly plane and human things as personal love and sexuality, anger and strife, the bodily functions etc. as ‘lower’ in nature or even ‘bad’. So, it was very enlightening to find that my own incarnation process as an angel had begun with a very prosaic motive: my indignation at what I saw as injustice on the physical plane and the desire to do something about it! Unfortunately, as an angel I had not yet grasped the idea that the dark has its place and function in duality, which led to many lives in which battle took center stage. Lives as a warrior, crusader, leader of armies…. That may not sound very angelic. But these lives were inspired by a deep love for the earth and all living beings. Furthermore, healing the karmic wounds that stemmed from these lives has played a big part in my spiritual growth and attaining self-mastery. In this process my twin flame angel, because apparently, angels are created in pairs too, often chose the more ‘yin’ path of the healer. When incarnated, angels, just like humans, are subject to Duality and are confronted with the same issues like life and death, loss and mourning, fear and love, strife and guilt, etc. Incarnated angels are no different or better than humans in that — but they have followed a different route of evolution and therefore have different characteristics and are confronted with specific recurrent themes that can be useful to have knowledge of if you want to understand them better. This brings me to the characteristics of human angels I encounter regularly. Do you have many of these? Then you too may be an incarnated angel …

Unity Consciousness
Incarnated angels are often still very much attuned to Unity consciousness. After all, as angels they have often lived and worked in close proximity to Source for a long time before they embarked upon the journey into physical existence. Because of this, under the surface they still have a an all-encompassing sense of oneness with, and love and compassion for all living things. Even in situations of strife, they will quickly want to understand and honor the standpoint of all involved. However, doing so they sometimes lose their own centre. One disadvantage of the strong connection to Unity consciousness in a human body can be that incarnated angels often don’t have well-developed boundaries. They are able to connect so easily to everything and everyone around them, that they can have trouble assessing where they stop and the other begins. They can sense the emotions of others and energies around them so well, that they can become confused about what belongs to them, and what doesn’t. In this, they have a lot in common with HSP’s (Highly Sensitive Persons). I don’t believe every HSP is an incarnated angel, but I think it is safe to assume that every incarnated angel is highly sensitive!

‘Guardian angel-syndrome’
Along with being extremely sensitive, incarnated angels often have a great desire to ‘help’. One person dubbed this her ‘Guardian Angel syndrome’. This syndrome often has two sides to it. On the one hand, there is a great and authentic desire to be of service to all living beings and to want to see them happy. Incarnated angels often end up in occupations that are in some way related to giving care. On the other hand, there is often a compulsive need to help, stemming from the inability to tolerate the pain and discomfort of others. Incarnated angels often have a hard time differentiating between the pain of others and their own feelings. Thus, wanting to make the pain of others to go away can be a means to regain their own inner peace! Furthermore, they often have an exaggerated sense of responsibility and can feel guilty if they do not ‘help’ everyone that is in need all the time. As if, because they can sense everything, they are responsible for everything. Moreover, they do not always see that pain has a function: for instance, emotional pain can be a signal for someone to start making better choices for themselves. To take away the pain of another would be to rob the other of their free choice and a chance to grow.

Light in the darkness
Angels often choose to incarnate in families where there is a lot of darkness: homes where there is alcohol and drug abuse, depression, physical and mental abuse, etc. They want to bring light, joy or love to places where negativity reigns. From the overview of the in-between state it can seem like a good idea to bring light to a family where there is low level of consciousness and a lot of darkness, but when an angel incarnates into it for real and becomes a baby dependent on the family for survival, it becomes a different story. As children they can feel desperately lonely, and helping others may become a means to relieve their loneliness and experience a form of contact, or even ‘earn’ a sense of worthiness. This however is at the cost of their own energy and joy and will later lead to problems with dependency relationships, depression, burn-out, etc. In those cases, incarnated angels can have a lot to gain from therapies like inner child work and past life regression therapy. To reconnect with their angelic Source and Self, and to understand and heal the dependency issues and the child within will re-empower them and help them be able to shine in the world without dependency on results or how others react to them.

Compassion and strictness
Where incarnated angels can muster enormous compassion for others, they can be very hard on themselves. It seems like they apply unrealistically high moral standard to themselves. They seem to forget that as humans, they may learn by making mistakes and are worthy of just as much compassion as the people they so love to help! Incarnated angels can benefit greatly from seeing themselves through the eyes of their own guardian angel — and see someone who is trying their best, deserves to be acknowledged and honored purely for the courage to incarnate and is always deserving of unconditional love.

Beauty and ‘harsh’ reality
Incarnated angels are often very sensitive to authentic beauty, nature, art and music. Everything that has been created as an expression of high frequency or divine Source energy reconnects them with Home. Angels that are out of balance and have not yet healed the issues their human incarnations have left them with, often have difficulties dealing with the dark side of duality and the ‘harsh’ aspects of the world and can sometimes use art as a means to escape. They can try to disappear into their imagination, in books or movies, or of course in actual drug use. Healing their first incarnation(s) as a human being and embracing their inner child can help them find their balance. Sometimes using some form of art can help them heal as well. To create beauty and bring it into the world themselves instead of using it to escape it, can be tremendously healing for them and help them re-empower themselves.

Blind spot for ‘evil’
Because incarnated angels are still so closely connected to Unity consciousness and the truth of Creator they often have a blind spot for what we could call ‘evil’. When beings have closed off their connection to Source and are seriously out of balance, they exist in lower frequencies which manifest as fear and hatred, and are driven by jealousy, rage, fear and contempt, especially for those who still live in the Light. Because incarnated angels are so close to Unity, but have not yet become conscious in all aspects of their being, it seems they have often trouble perceiving this kind of motivation and the behaviors stemming from it. They don’t know evil, and therefore they don’t see it! So, incarnated angels can feel helpless in situations in which they are confronted with manipulation, deceit, ruthless competition etc. For instance: as a toddler of four I was in the playground when I saw one girl bullying another. It is one of my first conscious memories. I was dumbfounded and though to myself: ‘How can this be? Don’t they know that when you hurt someone, you’re only hurting yourself?’

The dark path
This brings me to a realization that surprised me even more than the existence of incarnated angels. The existence of ‘fallen’ angels. Just like humans, angels too can turn away from the Light out of pain and anger, and choose to follow the ‘dark’ path. This too, is an experience they ultimately learn and grow from, and from the higher dimensions there is no judgment about this. But when as an angel in human form, you are confronted with a ‘fallen’ angels it can be a shocking experience that can take some healing and energetic cleansing and disconnecting. In their behaviour, they are a lot like ‘demonic’ entities (spirits of the dark side that have their own purpose and function in duality). They are usually motivated by jealousy, long for power over others and are extremely manipulative, deceitful, arrogant and ruthless. They can incarnate as humans but also be present in non-corporeal form. Fortunately we don’t have to go around in fear of ‘dark’ angels, for the same reason we don’t have to be afraid of other dark entities that feed off fear and negativity. They can only really bother people who are somehow susceptible to their energy, and that opening can be healed. When the point of attraction to negative beings is healed, they cannot find a way in.

This article by Wendy was first published at Omplace Conscious Living
Wendy Gillissen, M.A. is a psychologist, past life therapist and author of the award winning spiritual adventure ‘Curse of the Tahiéra’.
For more articles on entity release, angel incarnations, past life therapy and more, visit her website.

Picture: https://www.flickr.com/photos/95413346@N00/15284632331 TONY GYEPI-GARBRAH of Gentlemen’s Brim blog poses in front of COLETTE MILLER ANGEL WINGS MURAL on exterior alley way wall of 1357 U Street, NW, Washington DC on Thursday evening, 18 September 2014 by Elvert Barnes Photography © Elvert Barnes

Please note that Wendy’s practice is located in the Netherlands. Should you require help with any of these subjects and are outside the Netherlands, please contact a professional in your area.

Addendum August 24, 2016: Thank you all for reading and commenting on my article on incarnated angels! I welcome the sharing of different views and experiences on this subject. Please note, however, that no-one is an authority over another and this is not a platform for guests to give therapeutic advice, psychic readings, or preach. There are other platforms for that. The moderator reserves the right to remove comments that are felt to be inappropriate for this blog. Thank you for understanding and keeping it in good spirits! ☺

94 thoughts on “Incarnated angels – are you one? Traits and challenges of angels on earth

  1. I always knew there was something different about me, it was so hard to find what. I had been seeing dark things for a while, and around the same time, I would feel this stong … energy. After I read this I tried using it to get them to go away, and they scattered like roaches in my light. Thank you, you are my saving grace.

  2. I knew i was different all my life, i would cry as a child because i wanted to go “home”
    I always would envision huge white wings wrapping around me whenever i was upset. My family was dysfunctional to say the least..my sisters all full of jealousy and hatred, they dont like my light, i just want to help them, but had to back away from my whole entire born into family. Ive heard spirit, felt them , hands on me, seen visions, seen my deceased sister, ect ect..just found out im an incarnated angel recently at age of 36. Not too late i suppose to start healing myself and others! Im on my way to become a reiki practitioner! Very excited about all tbe new beginnings and blessings coming my way. God bless! Xo

  3. Found your article while looking through my old compromised passwords and found one for this site. Thanks for this. While I don’t quite see the world in the same light, a lot of what you wrote did resonate. Especially about the view of dark angels and demons. For many years I have been telling people that the dark entities are only powerful if you give up your power to them. They use lies and minipulation to create fear etc so they can leech your energy and self-confidence.

    Anyway, thanks for the article. It is something I needed to read and helps to explain a lot that has been happening in my life. I hope you read this and so accept my heartfelt blessing of love and life. 🙂

    1. Thanks for your comment! I wrote this article some years ago and I might revisit it too and polish it a little because my understanding of this subject is not a static thing as I live and learn 😉 I read your take on demons and totally agree with it, thanks for providing the link! love and blessings to you too ☺

  4. Van Morrison on the nature of incarnated Angels –

    You can’t stop us on the road to freedom
    You can’t keep us ’cause our eyes can see
    Men with insight, men in granite
    Knights in armor bent on chivalry
    She’s as sweet as tupelo honey
    She’s an angel of the first degree
    She’s as sweet as tupelo honey
    Just like honey from the bee

    The essential difference between spiritual people and incarnated Angels is that the latter don’t do “spiritual bypass”. They know on the deepest level that the spiritual “buck” stops with them. Being the change they want to see, clearing a path for the world to come (for God’s Kingdom on Earth), is more important, more real to them than the expectations of this fallen world. They aren’t engaged in any kind of spiritual warfare they learned through the media or activist groups. Rather they are guided by the deepest personal truths forged from agonizing, diabolically arranged adversity they have faced through their lives. Satan means “adversary” and God and Satan are two sides of the same coin. Earth is the proving ground, the “threshing floor” for the soul, where the wheat is separated from the chaff. Eternal souls also need to be “scourged” from time to time. Suffering is revitalizing and ennobling for the Spirit (kind of like Spring cleaning), eternity being a very long time indeed.

    “Into The Mystic”

    We were born before the wind
    Also younger than the sun
    Ere the bonnie boat was won as we sailed into the mystic
    Hark, now hear the sailors cry
    Smell the sea and feel the sky
    Let your soul and spirit fly into the mystic

    And when that fog horn blows I will be coming home
    And when the fog horn blows I want to hear it
    I don’t have to fear it

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