Incarnated angels – are you one? Traits and challenges of angels on earth

I assumed for years that human beings all choose more or less the same incarnation route: we are all part of the Source, blissful and undifferentiated. Then we choose the way of individuation and self-development by seemingly separating from Source and taking up the journey from Unity consciousness to Duality, which is often experienced as a shock, and incarnate as human beings. Imagine my surprise when, in my own life, I began coming across more and more evidence of the existence of incarnated angels. In this article I would like to share some of my experiences with incarnated angels, and their ‘dark’ counterparts, the ‘fallen’ angels. I would also like to share some knowledge of the pitfalls incarnated angels tend to encounter in the incarnation process.

Personal experience
The first reason I could not deny the existence of incarnated angels any longer, was the discovery of my own origins. For years I had had signs, but I never dared take them seriously. At one time, angels even came to me, held my arms in a specific way (I had felt angels greet me this way before) and said ‘welcome, sister’ — but I didn’t dare tell my then supervisor. Whatever would she think? One reason people might suppress this kind of experience is the way angels have often been portrayed in the media, by religion, and the image we still have of them: for instance as holy, pure, and elevated above ordinary people and their earthly motivations. Behind this there is often a hidden tendency to judge the earthly plane and human things as personal love and sexuality, anger and strife, the bodily functions etc. as ‘lower’ in nature or even ‘bad’. So, it was very enlightening to find that my own incarnation process as an angel had begun with a very prosaic motive: my indignation at what I saw as injustice on the physical plane and the desire to do something about it! Unfortunately, as an angel I had not yet grasped the idea that the dark has its place and function in duality, which led to many lives in which battle took center stage. Lives as a warrior, crusader, leader of armies…. That may not sound very angelic. But these lives were inspired by a deep love for the earth and all living beings. Furthermore, healing the karmic wounds that stemmed from these lives has played a big part in my spiritual growth and attaining self-mastery. In this process my twin flame angel, because apparently, angels are created in pairs too, often chose the more ‘yin’ path of the healer. When incarnated, angels, just like humans, are subject to Duality and are confronted with the same issues like life and death, loss and mourning, fear and love, strife and guilt, etc. Incarnated angels are no different or better than humans in that — but they have followed a different route of evolution and therefore have different characteristics and are confronted with specific recurrent themes that can be useful to have knowledge of if you want to understand them better. This brings me to the characteristics of human angels I encounter regularly. Do you have many of these? Then you too may be an incarnated angel …

Unity Consciousness
Incarnated angels are often still very much attuned to Unity consciousness. After all, as angels they have often lived and worked in close proximity to Source for a long time before they embarked upon the journey into physical existence. Because of this, under the surface they still have a an all-encompassing sense of oneness with, and love and compassion for all living things. Even in situations of strife, they will quickly want to understand and honor the standpoint of all involved. However, doing so they sometimes lose their own centre. One disadvantage of the strong connection to Unity consciousness in a human body can be that incarnated angels often don’t have well-developed boundaries. They are able to connect so easily to everything and everyone around them, that they can have trouble assessing where they stop and the other begins. They can sense the emotions of others and energies around them so well, that they can become confused about what belongs to them, and what doesn’t. In this, they have a lot in common with HSP’s (Highly Sensitive Persons). I don’t believe every HSP is an incarnated angel, but I think it is safe to assume that every incarnated angel is highly sensitive!

‘Guardian angel-syndrome’
Along with being extremely sensitive, incarnated angels often have a great desire to ‘help’. One person dubbed this her ‘Guardian Angel syndrome’. This syndrome often has two sides to it. On the one hand, there is a great and authentic desire to be of service to all living beings and to want to see them happy. Incarnated angels often end up in occupations that are in some way related to giving care. On the other hand, there is often a compulsive need to help, stemming from the inability to tolerate the pain and discomfort of others. Incarnated angels often have a hard time differentiating between the pain of others and their own feelings. Thus, wanting to make the pain of others to go away can be a means to regain their own inner peace! Furthermore, they often have an exaggerated sense of responsibility and can feel guilty if they do not ‘help’ everyone that is in need all the time. As if, because they can sense everything, they are responsible for everything. Moreover, they do not always see that pain has a function: for instance, emotional pain can be a signal for someone to start making better choices for themselves. To take away the pain of another would be to rob the other of their free choice and a chance to grow.

Light in the darkness
Angels often choose to incarnate in families where there is a lot of darkness: homes where there is alcohol and drug abuse, depression, physical and mental abuse, etc. They want to bring light, joy or love to places where negativity reigns. From the overview of the in-between state it can seem like a good idea to bring light to a family where there is low level of consciousness and a lot of darkness, but when an angel incarnates into it for real and becomes a baby dependent on the family for survival, it becomes a different story. As children they can feel desperately lonely, and helping others may become a means to relieve their loneliness and experience a form of contact, or even ‘earn’ a sense of worthiness. This however is at the cost of their own energy and joy and will later lead to problems with dependency relationships, depression, burn-out, etc. In those cases, incarnated angels can have a lot to gain from therapies like inner child work and past life regression therapy. To reconnect with their angelic Source and Self, and to understand and heal the dependency issues and the child within will re-empower them and help them be able to shine in the world without dependency on results or how others react to them.

Compassion and strictness
Where incarnated angels can muster enormous compassion for others, they can be very hard on themselves. It seems like they apply unrealistically high moral standard to themselves. They seem to forget that as humans, they may learn by making mistakes and are worthy of just as much compassion as the people they so love to help! Incarnated angels can benefit greatly from seeing themselves through the eyes of their own guardian angel — and see someone who is trying their best, deserves to be acknowledged and honored purely for the courage to incarnate and is always deserving of unconditional love.

Beauty and ‘harsh’ reality
Incarnated angels are often very sensitive to authentic beauty, nature, art and music. Everything that has been created as an expression of high frequency or divine Source energy reconnects them with Home. Angels that are out of balance and have not yet healed the issues their human incarnations have left them with, often have difficulties dealing with the dark side of duality and the ‘harsh’ aspects of the world and can sometimes use art as a means to escape. They can try to disappear into their imagination, in books or movies, or of course in actual drug use. Healing their first incarnation(s) as a human being and embracing their inner child can help them find their balance. Sometimes using some form of art can help them heal as well. To create beauty and bring it into the world themselves instead of using it to escape it, can be tremendously healing for them and help them re-empower themselves.

Blind spot for ‘evil’
Because incarnated angels are still so closely connected to Unity consciousness and the truth of Creator they often have a blind spot for what we could call ‘evil’. When beings have closed off their connection to Source and are seriously out of balance, they exist in lower frequencies which manifest as fear and hatred, and are driven by jealousy, rage, fear and contempt, especially for those who still live in the Light. Because incarnated angels are so close to Unity, but have not yet become conscious in all aspects of their being, it seems they have often trouble perceiving this kind of motivation and the behaviors stemming from it. They don’t know evil, and therefore they don’t see it! So, incarnated angels can feel helpless in situations in which they are confronted with manipulation, deceit, ruthless competition etc. For instance: as a toddler of four I was in the playground when I saw one girl bullying another. It is one of my first conscious memories. I was dumbfounded and though to myself: ‘How can this be? Don’t they know that when you hurt someone, you’re only hurting yourself?’

The dark path
This brings me to a realization that surprised me even more than the existence of incarnated angels. The existence of ‘fallen’ angels. Just like humans, angels too can turn away from the Light out of pain and anger, and choose to follow the ‘dark’ path. This too, is an experience they ultimately learn and grow from, and from the higher dimensions there is no judgment about this. But when as an angel in human form, you are confronted with a ‘fallen’ angels it can be a shocking experience that can take some healing and energetic cleansing and disconnecting. In their behaviour, they are a lot like ‘demonic’ entities (spirits of the dark side that have their own purpose and function in duality). They are usually motivated by jealousy, long for power over others and are extremely manipulative, deceitful, arrogant and ruthless. They can incarnate as humans but also be present in non-corporeal form. Fortunately we don’t have to go around in fear of ‘dark’ angels, for the same reason we don’t have to be afraid of other dark entities that feed off fear and negativity. They can only really bother people who are somehow susceptible to their energy, and that opening can be healed. When the point of attraction to negative beings is healed, they cannot find a way in.

This article by Wendy was first published at Omplace Conscious Living
Wendy Gillissen, M.A. is a psychologist, past life therapist and author of the award winning spiritual adventure ‘Curse of the Tahiéra’.
For more articles on entity release, angel incarnations, past life therapy and more, visit her website.

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88 thoughts on “Incarnated angels – are you one? Traits and challenges of angels on earth

  1. WOW! sp so loved this read Wendy.. I recognise a friend who passed to have had these traits, She really was an Earth Angel.. And she reached out continually to help others.. And yet would do nothing to help herself in her own illness, and accepted her return journey with love..

    Excellent information.. Thank you for sharing
    Love Sue

      1. Beautifully written. As early as age 5, I began to feel an angelic presence in my life drawing me closer to a sensitivity of connection with all aspects of my life. Because of these experiences, I now feel a very strong vibration of what it’s like
        to genuinely love and be loved.

  2. I’ve never been so blown away, I’ve been in perfect denial .never left a message on anything , don’t use computers been drunk or on drugs for 20 years never been so lost or lonely !This truly could change my life ?! I’m freaking out in an all knowing kind of way we !,,don’t know what to do or where to turn, lost so many close friends and family recently and ignored so many of my feelings ,instincts ? Rsvp if any one reads this xx?X!

    1. Hello Marc, these days many incarnated angels are ‘coming out of the closet’, so to speak and there is assistance out there for those of us who need it – I would suggest looking for a professional in your area who takes this subject seriously, a hypnotherapist, past life regression therapist, coach or counsellor for instance. There is also a wealth of information on the internet, articles, youtube video’s to assist you. Of course, always keep your wits about you and be discriminative when reading things on the internet, or choosing a therapist; your instincts will guide you whether something is authentic and a good choice for you or not. Hope this helps, best, Wendy

    2. yes I feel you, I turned to drugs and alcohol to block out my pain from my “dark” family of origin and abuse and loneliness…for YEARS…it was not until I was 51 I found my answer. It is not an easy road being an incarnated angel even after you find out what you are…still alot of thickness down here, and the fight to spread the light, follow God, stay true to why we are here gets even trickier….but the light always prevails even with the darkest souls…I look back and amazed how I now see my light is so strong and so natural that I cannot believe others struggle to find this light. God reveals who were are at the right time and the right circumstance and usually through pain is were we find the truth. Happened with me..God is good stay true to the light, being an incarnated angel is a HUGE THING AND A WONDERFUL THING!!!

  3. Now I know why…..I have all those traits (with additional perks of course).My suspicion is right.I have red the right words.Thanks,I’m not afraid to shine on my own self and reach out to the world anymore. 🙂

  4. This was very illuminating to me. Thank you! Was recently told thatI had not fully incarnated into this lifetime. Could this be why? Any insights would truly be appreciated! As I have been diagnosed with many illnesses. Rheumatoid Arthritis being the big one. And the meds are not tolerated well in my body. Could my healing work have caused this? I don’t like seeing people feel bad. I think I may have taken some of their stuff on. Like I said any insights as to what to do would be helpful. Thank you so much!! Lupe

    1. Hello Lupe, it is possible, often when people really resonate with the text it is because they recognize something of their own soul journey in it! To gain more insight in your condition and illnesses and how they might be related to your incarnation process I would advise you to consult a trusted professional (past life therapist, theta healer, etc) in your area, as these issues are complex and highly personal. A good intake interview would be a prerequisite, and that can’t be done via a blog;) good luck! Wendy

    2. Hi – I know there are homeopathic remedies that have this as part of their symptom picture – not fully incarnated – In fact I have been given some. Energy work can also help with grounding in this time and space –
      Best of luck, Barbara

  5. Hi Wendy,

    I enjoyed your article and related to much of it. Thank you.

    For many years I have followed a spiritual path which has taken me to many places and given me many experiences.

    During my teens I realised I thought diff erently to others and spent a lot of time worrying about good and evil; wanting to find a way to avoid sin. I rapidly grew to know that the church would not explain everything that I could sense and in fact many people grew angry if you asked questions they did not like.

    One thing I sensed was that there was a tremendous light within me. I tried to find ways to use this light and learned much and made many mistakes. After decades of seeking I have found out a lot of answers and continue to seek more.

    A few years ago I sought out answers about past lives and life between lives (lbl). What came out was quite surprising and was difficult to accept. It was clear that I was held in some esteem in the afterlife. I’m careful not to get carried away with these things so I repeated the session some time later and had similar results.

    In my time I have helped many with spiritual problems and have always been able to stand up to the dark and lost. When faced with anger, fear and violence from another, I feel as if there is an army at my back if I need it.

    Anyway, I have said enough.

    May love and light ever fall upon your way.

  6. Dear Wendy..
    It was a really interesting read..but I do have one question..do these Angels have esoteric wings..or can they see their wings while meditating..

    Thanks for the beautiful article. .

    1. Dear Joanna,
      Thank you!
      I think wings are a concept derived from the material world, and because angels are (like humans are in essence too) beings of energy and light, they have no fixed material form and no wings. As an empath I can sense them, but when I ‘see’ them they are made of light, color, energy. Most people I know who do ‘see’ energy see them as light beings as well. I think the reason angels are traditionally depicted with wings is a more symbolic thing, as they were seen as messengers from the higher realms. Messengers have often been associated with wings, think of the Greek god Hermes (Mercury) for instance with his winged sandals.
      Although, because angels are non-physical beings, they can present themselves with wings, if they so choose! 
      There is also the matter of perception: sometimes wings may be in the eye of the beholder, because people expect angels to have wings and perhaps other attributes, they will see them.
      But in essence, my understanding is, they are light and energy and can present themselves in many forms. When incarnated, they might have a sense of ‘wings’, these might also be a symbolic representation in the mind or body of their own high frequency energy.
      Thanks for your kind comment and I am happy you enjoyed the article!

  7. hello, I want to thank you for this article. it was only in the last few year that I leaned what I am, I still choke on the words because the logical part of me want to dismiss the truth. Even though God spoke to me and sent a messenger to me. I struggle with the idea of evil, and just cant understand what (they) get out of hurting people, I see it all too often.
    again, thank you and much love.

  8. INFJ traits, when i was reading your post i realized that actually i was reading my personality type description. Probably your are the rarest Myers-Briggs type too. I am not criticizing you, please do not misunderstand me, i liked your post very much. God bless you.

    1. Hello Nathan, thank you for your input! Glad you enjoyed the article. Indeed, the notion of incarnated angels and personality type do not negate one another – of course the Myers-Briggs is one of many systems in which an attempt is made to quantify and classify people’s personality traits and group them, no matter what their origins. So, if an incarnated angel were to take such a test, I am sure chances are high they would be classified as INFJ, or something very similar 😉

  9. I was just recently told by my Theta healer who I trust completely, that I am a fallen angel. Wow. Of course it got me thinking, perplexed, but the same time it makes sense. Not that I am a bad person, honestly I don’t think I am, but that I have known the perfect unity in the past and that I somehow attempt to recreate and search for that feeling within me and elsewhere. I came across your blog just now and it explains beautifully some of the things I was wondering. Thank you so much. Having read your blog, I have three questions;

    1. You don’t much elaborate in your blog, on the fallen angels. You seem to suggest that they are all negative beings. But really, I don’t think I am. Do they, evolve as they go on, toward the light? In fact, most of the traits of the incarnated angels you describe, resonate very strong within me. My Theta healer found that I don’t know why I was expelled from the ‘seventh plane,’ the perfect Light plane. Does that make me an oddball within the fallen angel category?

    2. How many of the incarnated angels and fallen angels are there on earth? My Theta healer was visibly rather shocked to discover that I am one.

    3. Do you now any groups for the incarnated and fallen angels?

    Looking forward to hearing back from you,

    Thank you so much, Wendy,



    I am exceptionally sensitive about art, music and visual art, but especially visual art, and now I know why. I am about to start a business in art, and I believe that it is my vocation!

    1. Hello Kate,
      Thank you for your comment!
      I think it is important to be clear, when using the term ‘fallen angel’, on what exactly we mean by that. I suspect your theta healer meant ‘incarnated angel’ rather than ‘fallen angel’. Terminology can get confusing whit this subject because of biblical references etc!

      When I use the term ‘fallen angels’ I don’t mean people like you and me, who started out as angels and at some point, decided to take the route of incarnation (not only as humans, many life forms are possible in many dimensions).

      With ‘fallen angels’ I mean the angels who decided to turn away from the Light and start ‘working’ for the dark side of polarity, like the beings I sometimes encounter and could be dubbed ‘demonic’. The real dark fallen angels I encountered never incarnated, but maybe there are some that did.
      My knowledge comes purely from experience as a past life therapist and from my own life, so I don’t know all there is to know.

      So to answer your questions:
      1. ‘Fallen angels’ as I understand them, chose to turn away from the Light, but there is always the option to turn back to the Light. I think it’s entirely possible that some eventually do.
      For the record, I don’t believe you are a ‘fallen angel’ but rather an incarnated one!
      I don’t know if angels can be ‘expelled’ from the seventh plane, I think what happens is that most of us choose to incarnate in the lower dimensions to help, to heal, to learn and grow from having free will. Our soul is autonomous and sovereign, I believe that goes for incarnated angels too.

      PS I would be very careful about accepting statements about yourself and your origins from any outside source or ‘authority’, theta healers included – I would advise to listen to your own heart to check whether the information they convey resonates with your truth.

      2. I have no idea of numbers and no-one is conducting any kind of large scale research on the subject of incarnated angels.
      I encounter quite a few in my practice, I believe this to be because beings of the same frequency tend to gravitate towards one another. So how many angels are there in the World at large? I honestly don’t know, but I can’t imagine it being a large percentage, though I have a feeling our numbers are growing! 🙂

      3. For groups for the incarnated angels (‘fallen angels’, if they incarnate at all, would never be interested in such a thing! 😉 ) you would have to do some research for yourself – in which case I would advise you to be aware and vigilant, there are people out there who form groups like that from ego instead of ‘angelic’ or high frequency motives (see also my article on false spirituality)

      All the best to you and good luck with your art business! Kind regards, Wendy

    2. Hey Kate,

      I had a theta healing too with a very close friend of mine who teaches it . And I saw myself in my Past Life regression as a grey angel I think they call them the wise ones . Any how my friend the theta healer saw my powers of what I have from clear 3rd eye and other powers that I can read people ‘s mind clearly and I can give these powers to people while touching them. And I gave it to her too. After 3 days she has accused me that I am dealing with a low vibe etc.. lablab.. . I didn’t believe her . I have done alot of research and during my manifestation process I have saw the bad and the good as I have asked for wisdom from the divine to know how to turn the dark to the light can you imagine . And from that time I am not talking to her anymore.

      I dont care if she believes me or not , I can say one thing for follow your heart nobody can judge you you know yourself better than anyone else. Ask the Divine and you will get answers for that .

      And I am an Ancient Incarnated Angel .

    3. In my view, you are not a fallen one .
      In fact fallen angels who strive for forgiveness can incarnate as human beings to pay for what they have done. But as far as I know this has not occured yet.
      Be careful with so called healers.

  10. Thank you so much for your posts, Wendy and also KH.

    When I read your posts, it gives me this sense of profound exaltation because what you write goes through me like it is a part of me, it is the feeling that finally, I have somebody who understands me, not that I looked for one, but for the first time in my whole life, I understand who and what I am, and I am understood as I am, and that without any effort on neither my nor your part. It is an instant connection. This is the feeling that I have never felt even with my parents, ex husband or with my children. It defies any verbal description.

    This comes down to the reason I thought of reaching out for the groups of incarnated angels, for the inexplicable connection. As you suggest, though, Wendy, I will go slow in doing so. In fact now I know what is happening to me, I feel like I will feel it when I come across with similar frequency people. And hopefully I will, as you say the same frequency beings attract each other.

    Also thank you for the comment on fallen and incarnated angels. I will have to learn to ‘listen to my heart.’ And of course it makes me feel better, basically you are telling me I am not demoniac! (By the way, my ex-husband believed that I was genuinely a bad person. I continue to wonder why, but in the end we split, this ‘misunderstanding’ being a big part for the disconnect, I believe. )

    Thank you for everything,


    1. Dear Kate, I am glad to hear the posts resonate with you and your inner truth and being! And I am quite sure you are not demoniac 😉 It could be though, that as so many of us, sometime in your past (or past lives) you have been made to feel bad by not-so well meaning persons and a trace of that reared its head in your past relationship (and maybe other situations)! Again, it is so important to listen to our hearts for our own truth and when other people make us feel like we are bad, or tell us we are bad, there might be something else going on… they might project their fears or insecurities or judgments on you, and you might resonate with them because of past bad experiences and the resulting subconscious beliefs (which, by the way, we can release through theta healing!) Take care and all the best for your journey! Wendy

  11. Hello.

    I felt resonance with your post but I have never really thought anything much. I always feel like I want to ‘go home’ or that the evil and immorality of humans tends to upset me so greatly to the core. Seeing people recklessly abort babies, people killing each other, bullying, me being the victim of bullying etc…It is too much for me to handle. I always like to help, and I feel rejected if someone says no because I really wanted to haha. Sometimes random strangers come to me and ask for help. I shrugged those off and never really knew about the existence of incarnated angels because my religion says angels are only spiritual light beings, messengers of God. Once in a dream God came and helped me when I was injured – I didn’t think I was worthy or that I even knew God. All I know is where my spirit is from – a parallel universe, a strong warrior with the title of ‘princess’ and my spirit name in Biblical form is Sarah. Sarah means princess. My form is a girl with an angelic face, pale and sometimes wears a white dress. Sometimes I see myself with golden wings.

    I also was overweight as a kid, I got worse when I was bullied and two girls stole my lunch yet I had the heart to forgive them. I even still talked to one of them who stole my lunches. Eating was my outlet I guess? I have an addiction to my phone right now, I am still quite lonely. And picky with whom I will be friends with. I still offer help to classmates when they need me. I cannot reject I feel bad if I do. They tell me not to help if I don’t want to be used but I still feel bad haha. I had an identity crisis and was agnostic for a while but then I realized I still believe in God. Not religion. My religion makes me feel bad because I am homosexual, and I have prayed for it to go away but it didn’t. I wondered ‘how can such a thing be so sinful yet how come won’t it go away? Am I evil? Did Satan do this?’ I still constantly worry over being evil in God’s eyes if I marry a woman.

    All these issues with worrying about being sinful tire me out to be honest. I also appear with pale skin, blue eyes, innocent heart-shaped face and people call me ‘princess’ and ‘angel’ all the time. I never take it seriously. However I am not petite nor short? I am born with a body of a warrior like Archangel Michael – broad shouldered, long limbs, tallish stature. I do not think I would be a male angel incarnated because the form I always see myself in is a female? I know of my past lives and I was always a man. I married a woman in my previous life. I ended up killing her by accident instead of her friend. Yet this applies to your post… I also am intensely attracted to music, food, art etc. I draw, sing, write, play the flute, danced ballet, cook et cetera. All of these things make me feel in harmony with my intellect. Celtic music makes me feel high in the clouds, like I am at home walking through the forest or meadow. I also am prone to being in codependent relationships, I can be quite clingy and needing affection and the desire to give affection.

    I also am spiritual, I have the abilities to be empathic, read people’s thoughts and energies/feelings. I can see my aura in photos. And I glow a bright white. I am just too sensitive in crowds and hospitals and my parents want me to be a doctor yet I feel anxious with that haha my dream was to be a psychiatrist but sometimes I want to model or act or do something in the arts. Visiting an Islamic Reiki practitioner, he told me I am a pure very good spiritual person and I can do the same things as him as I have a gift and should turn to religion. Some things in my religion I do not agree with – like these ideas about reincarnation and incarnation of angels and etc, do not go with Islam. I need guidance and wonders if I could ever reconcile these ideas with my religion, and I wonder if I do fit the traits of an angel? I wouldn’t go as far as saying I am anything near an archangel or seraphim haha.

    Thank you for your enlightening post,

    Love and light,


  12. Thank you so much for your post 🙂

    I do felt that way, i born in dysfunctional family. I’ve been feeling alone yet i always wants to help others its relief my self since thats the only happiness i can feel. Im always been in dependancy relationship, always wants to help them heal them but end up mistreated and being left alone. I still dont know how i embrace myself as an incarnated angel. Everything seems to to fall down lately, i tried to fix others yet i felt crushed inside couldnt help myself.

    Is there any advice just to let go and embrace it ?

    Thank you



    1. Dear Melody, we often need someone in a professional capacity to stand by us and help us heal these complex issues of dependency. If you are not able to contact an experienced regression therapist or inner child work therapist near you, I would suggest you check out the work of dr. Margaret Paul. She also offers a free e-course on her website: http://www.innerbonding.com/show-page/127/download-the-inner-bonding-free-course.html
      Much love, Wendy

      1. Hey Wendy,

        Thank you for your responses. Sure i will try to check that since its quite difficult to find inner child therapist in my area.


  13. Hi Wendy!

    I know that I am only a teen, but this article…..

    I can relate to that!

    I am born in a family that has not much family harmony.

    My mother and my grandmother are not in good terms….

    My parents are not in good terms as well.

    I was often left alone in elementary school.

    I had to play with myself or walk around the school alone, since….

    No one wanted to be friends with me.

    I get that I acquired rather….disgusting habits when I was young…

    But that did not mean that someone could wash the book I had touched…

    Saying that I was full of germs!

    One person even said that I had down syndrome….

    Something that really hurt a lot.

    I do escape into my imagination, but sometimes…

    I couldn’t tell which is reality and fantasy!

    I admit, I do escape into my imagination a lot.

    Mainly because…

    I know that my life is awful and I did not want to get hurt….

    By reality itself.

    Yes, I do have strict moral standards.

    No vulgarity, no lateness, etc….

    Even if it makes me tired to follow them.

    I always have a strong urge to help, but I am always too shy to help….

    I also get hurt by meanful comments and shouting that are directed to me.

    Am I an incarnated angel?

    Cause….I could not confirm with anyone yet, so….

    If you have an answer, feel free to answer.

    P.S. To all those incarnated angels reading this:

    I am aware that the society is cruel and all….

    But I know that there are some who are not that cruel and are willing to help.

    So if you are disheartened by what you saw or feel upset about it….

    Be aware that the society is not all bad.

    Hate will always exist, but love will never fade.

    -Sophia 😀

    1. Heya everyone just discovered this website! I love it and it’s Amazing! But besides that you guys really made my night! I’m struggling with depression because all I want to do is help and be nice to everyone, but it is hard and again today I felt like I was’nt fitting in and I couldn’t explan it to my friends and sister at lunch (I’m 12 and in 6th grade) and most of the day I was upset and confused and was asking god who I was and what was my purpose here on earth, but now I found another earth/incarnated angel site! And it sound so much like me and other people too! I’m glad I’m not alone in this! As for me thinking I’m one.

      I always love/want to help, I hate hurting/ letting others down, I have a partner who hits me a lot, I have depression, I feel like I have angel wings, I love/believe in every single person/animal, I feel really close to god and want to get closer, I made someone who was bullying me for the past few years that no one else would have ever trusted (expecally my sister) (sorry kat)

      be friends with my sister and her friends and we say hi in the halls now, I say sorry a lot cause I feel like I’m hurting someone if I feel like I do something wrong, I feel like I’m not supposed to be here, I can slightly see whiteish yellow wings when I look in the mirror while I’m in space, im in “space” a lot/space out, I hate fighting and lying, I like to talk about god/mythical creatures, I’m very out going and love to make friends, And I feel like I might have a halo as well.

      And that’s all I can think of right now but you are amazing and I love everyone of you and so does god! Have a good


    1. Hi Sophia,
      only the fact that you typed in Google Incarnated angels and landed here, shows that you have been looking for something you already knew.
      Many things you experienced happend to me as well. And I got the answer when I was 8 first, then when I was 12 and 13.
      The first two who told me were incarnated angel and the last one was a very popular angel. Nonetheless, my life had not changed to the better – I still suffered.
      When you are an angel, you have incredible power and it´s time to use it.
      You should not play small and get in contact with our creator.
      Things will slowly change for you as you recognize who you really are.

  14. I understand wholfully every word in this. I am only 22 my mother since I was a babe’ seen a light in me she told me it was a mirical I lived I had almost died but it was with my mother’s breath I still lived on aka I stopped breathing when I slept alone but I kept breathing when I was in my mother’s arms. And at birth I almost died even then but I still lived on and in my growing years i Have been healing others my mother always says no matter how bad her day is just talking to me or seeing me makes her feel better I calm others even though I do not know them many strangers have poured their feeling out to me and asked for my help i am a bigger woman but many still mention I seem to have an angelic hue around me my feonce’ has battled with depression since he was a child and he stopped cutting when I came into his life we now have been together for 8years and plan on getting married on our 10 year anniversary art and music and any craft help ease my troubled mind I also can’t help but put others first before my own needs ever since I was a child my grand mother encoriged me to sing and she always told me I had a voice of an angel she told me she knew because she had passed in her sleep once but was told it wasn’t her time and was brought back. I even spoke with other angels many a time they always called me their sister I have always had a strong spritual connection to the world . there was only one time I felt a strong power overwhelm me and it was against one of my friends whom was at the time possessed by something dark and it called me an angel i of course didn’t know why and it tried to make me submit but i felt a strong power inside me help overcome it and ever since it has never bothered me again, there was also a time were I for saw many horrible images in my mind so much i cried out n fear my older sister hearing me ran into my room and I reluctantly told her but she understood. i always questioned myself but .. Now i know thank you for helping me open my eyes.

    With love

  15. I am an incarnated angel. I am thinking this is the last time I will incarnate. I was requested, and came, to no avail. I was called home by cancer, but fought it successfully because people here encouraged me to, and to stay. But not again. If or when it comes back, I will no longer fight. I want to be free. To your knowledge, can we get off the incarnation cycle? If not, watch me, I will figure it out.

    1. Hi K M, through my experiences with reincarnation therapy, I have come to view the incarnation cycle a little differently than most people.

      Let me put it like this: it is not the current personality that re-incarnates again and again. The soul sends out a fresh, unique ”beam”, or part of itself into the material or astral plane, on this plane, planet, universe or another for each incarnation.

      At death, what we experience as our current personality is in fact forever free to go where she pleases and do what she likes, provided she is aware of the fact that the body has gone and she is, in fact, free. This goes for incarnated angels as well as those that follow another route.

      I would also like to tell you that, although from our perspective of the incarnated part of our soul, we may experience life as difficult, painful and disappointing at times, from the viewpoint of the soul, all experience on the material plane is of great value. It is an unique opportunity to learn, grow in awareness, and seed our light on Earth, however small the seedlings and however small the effect may seem in our lifetime.

      I hope this will aid in opening up perspective on the matter.
      Best, Wendy

      1. Thank you, Wendy; that is a valuable and helpful perspective on the matter. I got an Angel reading that suggested I let go and just live and stop putting pressure on myself. That was helpful too. I see there is help and comfort from many places here, for which I am so tremendously thankful. Peace to all.

    2. if you think this is the last time you will incarnate it probably is. The incarnation cycle is not forever you get a choice upon death whether you want to stay in the after life or reincarnate again.

  16. To all: Beware of so called healers and Gurus. They can lead you astray. You should trust your Intuition and ask the creator for help!
    I want to thank you Wendy for sharing your knowledge and providing advice. I have been a kind o warrior angel and still carry these features. But as you explained, even this is a source of love and compassion and serves to protect instead to harm. The childish, cute image of angels does not represent our own nature, which differs from angel to angel.
    A lot of religious people would be shocked if they knew how an angel might be because they expect us to be modest, charming and lovely. But the Bible proves how many times angels acted in a intimidating way and even beat up people.
    I have been a badass a lot of times but only because I loved human beings so much, which were suffering here on earth. And I still fucking hate it! And yes – I hate the ones who did this to them! I have seen a lot of priests, popes and nuns being in hell – because they threatened other people to get there if they don´t obey their rules.
    I saw this when I was a child but I was raised by strict catholic standards.
    If the 3 big three religions really knew about the truth, they would persecute us.
    Jesus would frown upon the catholic/ orthodox church. They are far away from the true christianity as one galaxy to another. They try to let Gabriel appear as male angel, but in fact when Maria was told she would conceive Christ, Gabriel appeared as a female. But the leading males felt narcisstically hurt and claimed it was a young boy.
    Mohammed was definitely not speaking to Gabriel. I guess it was a fallen angel pretending to be Gabriel. What results is a crap Religion, but when you tell that you are called a racist. Islam tells there would be more women in hell than men. What I can tell: it´s the other way round. Human Kind should stop following the patriarchy. Many priests refer to Paul, who forbid any interaction to females in church. But I ask: Is it called Paulinity or Christianity?
    Who the fuck was Paul and who was Jesus??? Why do they listen to a human like Paul?
    This is the reason why belief is so corrupted.
    My task here on earth is to make that clear.
    I love humans, I love Adonai and despise the fallen for what they do and every human interacting with them.

    1. Hi Aurea, thank you for commenting!
      Indeed, all of us need to be wary of those dispensing spiritual ‘advice’, such as spiritual guru’s in one form or another. The only way to know what’s right and true for you is to listen to your own heart, intuition and above all, your own Higher Self. I have seen many instances, especially in the world of spirituality and healing, where teachers and healers, or even those just starting out on the path, began leading others astray with a determination and arrogance that would make an old-fashioned church minister cringe. I wrote an article on that as well: False light (http://www.reincarnatietherapie.com/en/2016/02/10/false-light-the-pitfalls-of-false-spirituality/ )
      I would like to write a little addition to your comment: while I totally understand your anger and disgust at those that try to lead others astray, my experiences with those false lights (and some of them have been very dark indeed) have helped me gained the insight that they, too have their purpose. They are like the rungs of a ladder, ‘hindering’ us to the point where we discover the truth about many things, our true nature for one, grow in consciousness, spread our wings and fly. We develop the tools to deal with darkness and deception because of our encounters with darkness and become fearless and strong in anchoring our light on the Earth Plane. When we truly understand darkness and the way it works, we no longer need to fear of despise it. We can simply focus on seeding our light and move on 🙂

  17. I am a reincarnated angel. However there are different types of angels. i am a warrior. I battled the forces of darkness. In my first life i was a scholar in greece. in my second i was a female knight in england in the 13 and 14th centuries. The third is my life now. As i have been unlocking and using my powers, remembering things of the past with the help of my twin flame, I have drawn the attention of old enemies. This is a very good article and i hope it brings light to others struggles. because i know how hard it is. You know what you are and yet you doubt yourself. you shoot it down, but it always comes back. You call yourself insane, crazy delusional. I would have continued to think myself delusional if not for my boyfriend and twin flame quelling my doubts and helping me discover who i am. Also, this article and its replies reassures me of others out there like me. I am writing a couple books on wattpad of my story, please if interested check them out my profile name is Gwendolyn Worldsinger.

  18. Addendum August 24, 2016: Thank you all for reading and commenting on my article on incarnated angels! I welcome the sharing of different views and experiences on this subject. Please note, however that no-one is an authority over another and this is not a platform for preaching, psychic reading, or therapeutic advice. There are other platforms for that. The moderator reserves the right to remove comments that are felt inappropriate for this blog. Thank you for understanding and keeping it in good spirits! ☺

  19. I am a 56 year old woman and have struggled my entire life to figure out why I kept failing. I have lived a life of ups and downs. I have been fighting evil in every shape and form. I have know right from wrong at the age of 3. My Mother is a fallen Angel and 5 years ago I have done major soul searching and have forgiven her. I realized by doing this she could never get to me again. Such horrific things that were done to me. But the good news is I am now able to help others and fulfill my life’s purpose. Such a beautiful thing. Thank you for posting this article.

  20. I have just come home from a wonderful Shamanic Healing and in that healing I was told, as I have been from several people over the last year that I am an angel. After reading your article that I happened upon searching for info on this, I truly believe now that I am. Born into an very violent household of abuse and abused after leaving home, I have been fighting all my life. About a decade ago I started tuning into my clairsentience & sense of knowing. I guess from the age of 4 I always new I was different, I was always deemed over sensitive and even punished for it by my mother. Today is the day I believe that I am an angel as to many things and people have been presented to me to think otherwise. But that logical mind has keep me at bay from believing this to be true.
    So thank you for your article and I hope meet others like me, perhaps I have but no recognised them.

  21. Greetings my dear, “Wendy”, I do like this post aa it brings light and understanding about many of us,
    Our brother Michael and all of us will always assist and be with you if ever you need be. ❤

    With Love,


  22. Thank you so very much for this article. About 1/3 of the way in I began to cry. And by the end I was astonished — what you speak of is exactly how I am. Word for word. I never understood it and I always thought I was weird or different. Now I see my purpose. I see why I haven’t died (many suicide attempts that failed when they realistically shouldn’t have).

    Thank you for opening my eyes.

  23. I’ve always known I was different since I was a small child. A very compassionate person and have always helped others in any way possible. I seem to think Angels suffer the most because I’ve never understood why I feel God is so mad at me. Until recently I started really looking at things and seeing a pattern and trying to understand it as well as knowing of my heightened sense of awareness that is unexplainable. I came into a very abusive family life, in my first marriage I was physically abused as well then lost my second husband then lost my oldest son lesson 5 years ago. I’ve had other readers people with ability always tell me in a Min Angel but I thought that was their way of saying I was just a nice person. Now I’m starting to understand. Thank you for your article

    1. Dear Elle, I am glad the article helped. By the way, I believe God is never mad at anyone! We are part of God, incarnated angels, humans and animals alike, all life and all that exists is created by God and part of the whole and has the spark of God within. There are no mistakes or sins, only learning experiences that are designed by the soul, which is divine, to help us grow in awareness and consciousness, love and wisdom. I believe the idea of an angry God is a false one, used for centuries to disempower people and make them obey to a system of rules created by man, not by God. Have you ever read the books by Neale Donald Walsch? You might find comfort in them.
      Blessings, Wendy

  24. I cried when I read your article. It awakened me somehow. I always had a low self-esteem and refused to believe that I am special in any way. Because that’s just pretentious. I’ve been in a depression since I was 16. I thought it was just a phase. After all, most people experience depression or any other mental disorder. Even when I was at my worst, I did my best to make sure I didn’t bother anyone with my problems. Why? Because I felt like their pain would be greater if they knew how much I hurt inside. Felt lonely even with other people. In the last year, I began to notice patterns in my life. Recurrent numbers, strange coincidences. Something was leading me somewhere. It’s hard for me to believe that I could actually have a purpose and I’m not sure which way to go. Anyways, thank you so much. xoxo

  25. Daphnee,

    I can completely identify with literally everything you write here. All of it. And all of that makes you so special darling. Among I’m sure things you wouldn’t even thing about because you are humble! I came into life “knowing” I was different and special. Only to be really broken down to the point where I even forgot what those feelings were life. Humbled for sure. Humble is good but let’s see that beautiful light shine, you are here for something important.

    I am starting to feel disconnected to everyday people who haven’t had spiritual and OBEs, mainly because they are so transformative and interesting to talk about but I know better than to bring up things like that in your everyday space. That’s where the disconnect starts and it scares me. Is it because I’m afraid of being alone, or afraid I’ll stop feeling their pain as I do? New predicament there…new territory for sure.

    Love to all my fellow Angels and Wendy you are really amazing at breaking things down for someone who has just been through a very interesting spiritual “situation.” I’m going to get the reinforcements you mentioned here and learn how to better protect my energy field for the future, thanks so much for this info you are wonderful !



  26. Growing up, I remember feeling like I didn’t fit in with my family. They would always tease me and say that I must have been swapped at birth. I never had any friends and always felt incredibly lonely. But excitement would always hit me when someone needed my help or wanted to be in my presence. Never really lasted for long though. People would get what they needed from me and move on.
    Still to this day, I feel like I don’t belong in this society. I feel that the world is too harsh for me or that I am just too sensitive for the world.
    I am an empath and hate large crowds. I prefer to be at home away from other people. I get tired quickly and have been diagnosed with depression. I refuse to take medication because I feel I am only sad when I am around other people with bad vibes.
    Quite honestly I don’t know what my purpose is in this life but I do enjoy helping others

  27. I myself have died more than once and I have all of the above is this something that is also a part of being a Earth Angel. I have always been drawn to being good. Even though I was raised in a hellish and horrific life I still kept my eyes on God and kept moving forward. Always have kept my eyes on God. Always have helped others.

      1. My memories are of being in service to others as an African American house servant in the early 20th century and a civil war camp follower in the 19th century, both in service to others. The civil war memories are eerie and disturbing. I have been aware of my connection to the spiritual nature of the earth and coming from one century into another since about the age of 5. I connected deeply with Christ Consciousness at the age of 6, was called an empath at that age, and have been a seeker ever since. My feelings about angels around me are not well developed out of fear. I know they are there and have had images of them on occasion. I am at a point in life that the deep soul lessons you speak of in your beautiful article are coming to fruition for me. I was reminded of a woman that came into my life last year that practices Psychodynamic Therapy. I knew when I met her that we had similar origins. She was amazing at dream interpretation. I find myself isolated now in a desolate part of the country for my work and am not sure if I will be able to find any kindred souls. I have to, so I may do what comes next. Thank you.

  28. Thank you for this article. As is states incarnate angels tend not to understand certain aspects of humans and it can tear us up inside, we can easily get lost in the pain and suffering of others until it becomes our own, as well we tend to put others before our own needs. Being an incarnate angel is a parodox. On one hand it feeds us to be of service, on the other it can distroy us. Believe it or not and like it or not, certain humans are placed with us on our journey through life to protect us. From one incarnate to another find and Listen to these guardians, they can help you to adjust the lense and minimise your personal pain and suffering

  29. God bless you for sharing your path laid before you by our heavenly father. Thank you Lord for opening such a breath taking spirtal enlighting message and showing us that faith is truly humbling. In Jesus name I pray AMEN…..

  30. Great post Wendy. It is an amazing journey but only understood when we realise that duality and begin the path home. Both sides show us the beauty that love is and finally teach us to love ourselves and become that truth within. I have met some amazing people down here, and each have told a tale assisting my journey, reflecting back my good and bad so that I can know the difference, and I have no doubt there were many Angels among them ❤ 😀

  31. I have always wondered why I became human. Existing here is difficult to bear in every way. The light feels untouchable, this world is polluted with both the fear of the living and non living. It depresses me when I remember the source and what it felt like to be in the light, it feels so far away. When i speak with God i well up in tears. As a human, I dont understand why my soul wanted to live in duality. But when I remember, as an angel, I chose to live here to show them all out of suffering. Thank you Wendy, for being an angel to all the other angels. I hope I can find my peace like you.

  32. I don’t know whenever I am earth angel… but I remmembered one thing that my mum told me, when I was little I was bullied by kids and my mum said that I have to “repay” them for it just punch them and I said to my mum that I can’t it is forbiden 😀 really nice tho I have very strong urge to know whu “I” am lately so maybe this sets me on right jorney :D, wish you luck.

  33. I am so uplifted and somewhat speechless and feel almost forgiven and liberated for being me, and that perhaps my life will have some sanity and balance hereafter. I Thank you Wendy + to those ‘Angels’ whose words to you brought me unity and some peace. May Love Light Wisdom & Fellowship continue in all form 🐸

  34. I came with doubts and a need for answers and now I’m crying like an idiot. A close friend and I both have very clear memories, visions, and contacts. Some not very nice. It is good to see others like us. ❤ Thank you for reaching out. Peace.

  35. I have just gone through a very interesting experience and I feel like I am in this body for the very first time, like I have to learn how to use it yet it’s still me, but I feel whole and new. I think I know what has happened and your articles has helped clarify a lot of things. I would love to have a conversation with you about this but I am sure you are too busy. Thank you for this gift.

  36. Hi Wendy,

    I was wondering about your experiences and research into this subject. I have suspected these things before and I was happy to read that someone else had experiences like this.

  37. I have just discovered I’m an incarnated angel, by researching for a day the penny dropped. Everything makes sense now. I even had contact from a fallen angel trying to steer me away from gods protection but I will not fall from grace. I am overwhelmed by this and started meditation to contact my angels. I need to know what my purpose is now to continue my mission.😇

    1. Dear Rebecca, thank you for your comment!
      I find that the mission of incarnated angels is the same as it is for all beings who chose to route of incarnation: to actualize the qualities they have chosen for this lifetime and BE their highest and best Self. This means channelling the energy of their highest Self and ground it on Earth, which can be surprisingly simple – sometimes just Being is enough. Joyfully using the talents we have chosen for this lifetime. And of course, enjoy Being – joy is one of the highest frequencies we can put forth here on Earth! To inspire others, to encourage and uplift, by Being our true divine self, by being fully present, by being kind and compassionate our light shines like a beacon for all life on earth and beyond. Just like most people, incarnated angels often need to do some inner healing work to dust of layers of past life trauma to be able to shine fully – which is often also part of the job of being an angel on earth.

  38. Hi Wendy. For the first time in my life I am considering that I may be one of these incarnations. Until now, I never would have considered such a seemingly arrogant possibility. I have healed much and love myself deeply now, and am open to all perspectives of the purpose for my experiences.
    I hung on every word of this article, and found so much that resonated with me I feel the reading of it to be a synchronicity this morning as I was just considering these possibilities in my daily commune with spirit. I have come to understand and accept that I chose my experiences of suffering and embrace the insights and lessons gained from them, cherishing my calling as a lightworker in the Earth.
    I am most interested in your views on what may be perceived as “evil” – the nature, character and origin of it as I feel an understanding is foundational to the purpose of my calling. If you would be willing to refer me to a source of knowledge or offer an insight, I would be deeply grateful. I’ve found most who believe in the existence of non-physical evil to define it in terms of the Christian Bible and to embrace biblical views of judgement and hell. I lived as a fundamental Christian for many years and, though I understand I encountered the divine throughout that part of my journey, I have learned I was mistaken on many points of belief, especially any concept of divine judgement. That being said, most former Christians I’ve found are either atheist or agnostic. Additionally it seemed until now non-Christian spirituals who believe in evil were mostly simple minded and superstitious. Please forgive me for sounding so arrogant – that is not my heart. I am just analytical and in need of finding explanations that satisfy my intellect to some degree as well as my intuition.
    Either way, sincere thanks for the enlightening article 💕. Much love to you, to those who work to expand it and to all!


    1. Hi Shawna, thanks for your response and I am glad the article helped clarify and bring some more insight! All my articles are based on the insights I have gained from my first-hand experiences, so I can’t refer you any further… 😉 But I have been thinking about writing an article on the subject of ”evil” and ”non-corporeal evil” because, as you so rightly say, misconceptions and superstitions on the subject are abundant – especially on the internet. So, I will see if I can put my mind to writing an article based on my experiences with evil soon, to perhaps shed some more light on the matter! I think that for many lightworkers, it is important to have some degree of insight into ”evil”, to know what it really is and how to deal with it – because we are bound to encounter it in this world in one of its many guises and forms. Many thanks for the clear and bright energy you have brought to my page with your comment!
      Love, Wendy

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