“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

Since about a decade or so, I wake up almost every morning with the sense of being held by invisible, loving arms. It is a strange, but lovely sensation: the literal feeling of warm, infinitely loving arms around my back and shoulders, like a pair of wings supporting me.

I have often wondered about who these arms belong to. Is it a guardian angel, a loved one in heaven, my twin flame?
This Spring I had an experience which baffled me even more: when I was in my beloved Greece, I woke up one morning with the sensation of being loved entirely! It felt as if my body was being suffused with love, every atom, every cell, every fibre of my being. I felt like I was in a warm bubble of unconditional, all-suffusing love. The bubble stayed with me all that day, and I didn’t dare think too much about it for fear the sensation would go away. I just wanted to enjoy the feeling and share it with anyone who was open with it.

On that same trip to Greece I sat in the car one day, thinking to myself: ”I should meditate on love more.” The very next thing I see is one of those big green trash containers beside the road, with a big heart spray-painted on the side. The Universe has a real sense of humour.

Now, this morning as I ponder this baffling phenomenon of being held by invisible arms, I find myself wondering again. Whom do those loving arms belong to? Could it be that I am not only held by the loving energy of loved ones from this realm or another, but that the whole Universe is truly suffused with love as they say? How wonderful!
I knew this intellectually, and caught glimpses of it in meditation, when listening to music, dancing or creating. But imagine truly feeling, viscerally, physically and emotionally the truth that we are, all of us, infinately loved and held by a loving Universe, a loving Creator, a loving mother Earth? That we truly only have to let go of the barriers we have created against it, pull off our blinds to experience that not only we are loved, but that we ARE love, the children of a Creator infinately in love with his/her/its own creation, a Mother Earth deeply in love with her children, one big dizzy dance of love we are a part of if we only dare to feel it?

Pondering this made me think of that wonderful Rumi quote again:  “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” Yes!



6 thoughts on ““Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

  1. Wonderful Wendy.. and what a beautiful thought to think the Universe is loving us.. Which of it is.. We are all of us part of its energy.. I once felt whole and complete when I went to Canada with my Hubby in the Year 2000… We went up a mountain called Sulphur Mountain.. I swear as I got to the summit and looked out over the view I knew I belonged.. It was like I had come home.. That feeling of completeness was indescribable..

    So I fully understand where you are coming from.. Wonderful Post as you shared your thoughts and experiences.
    Love Sue

    1. Thanks so much Sue for sharing that wonderful experience too .. isn’t it amazing to think that our true state of being is feeling and Being like that all the time? Wow! Imagine that 😉 Love, Wendy

      1. Yes oh if only we could savour it all the time.. But you fill up with ssssssooooooooo so much LOVE it can not be put into words because it felt as if I was part of that mountain, the sky the river below and the Eagles which soared over head. The most magical moment of my life

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