Spirit loves to be acknowledged too! ♥

Yesterday I dreamt I got a phone call from a friend of the family who has crossed over. She died in the same period my dad did. I hadn’t felt her presence since, nor dreamt her or sensed her in any way.

I took the phone and she said in her typical, teasing voice: ‘It’s me, do you recognize my voice, eh?’
I said ‘Sure I do, just hang on, I’m busy, let me get back to you’ and promptly forgot it – until a single word my mum said reminded me of her name and the dream popped back up!

I am so happy to finally have heard from her. Especially at this time of year when the ones we have lost come to mind. My mum and I had lots of fun remembering our friend’s quirks and I could swear I could sense her laughing with us, enjoying our company and our acknowledgement and appreciation. Spirit loves to be acknowledged too! ♥

5 thoughts on “Spirit loves to be acknowledged too! ♥

  1. I have no doubts she came especially at Christmas time to be remembered, and I am sure she enjoyed your Mum’s and your reminiscences.. 🙂 I love the way Spirit pop in and our of our thoughts 🙂

      1. Yes they do all the time.. My Dad always even when I had grown children would ring up and pretend to be Santa.. saying Ho HO HO!!. Merry Christmas,, and Had I been a good girl.. ..
        Its amazing how many times near Christmas some one either says HO Ho HO.. or I read a comment with Ho Ho HO.. or a card comes with it… I know he is sending me.. x x x

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