Don’t fight against evil. Live for love.

Every time a deranged person throws a bomb and we react with rage and fear, darkness wins. The dark thrives on fear and violence. It feeds off it. Every act of terrorism and cruelty is DESIGNED to shock and horrify people, and lure them into either apathy and fear, or anger and violence.
Shock is a natural reaction. The best way to deal with the explosions on our screens and in our newspapers, is to go within, calm ourselves, breathe out the shock and continue to focus on love and wisdom.
On spreading joy, not hatred.
When we lose ourselves in the collective vortex of fear and anger, darkness has claimed another victory. Because what we focus on, grows. What you talk about, you attract. The world will mirror back what you focus on.
We DO have a choice. We create our own experience. We ARE that powerful! We are beings of Light!
So I pray that more people will realise this and not buy into the terrorist trap, and focus on what they DO want. Love. Harmony. Joy. Peace. ❤


16 thoughts on “Don’t fight against evil. Live for love.

  1. Exactly.. Wonderful post and Hope more and more learn that we are responsible for ourselves and that we create our future by living in the choices we make.. Fear is once again being thrown to cultivate Anger and Hatred..
    We so need to step into our own Peaceful zones and send the World LOVE… When we do this we counterbalance the darkness..
    Wonderful post.. And I am just in the middle of composing a post upon a similar theme.. Such as we Lightworkers gather together to Keep the Light of Love Glowing xx

    Happy New Year Wendy..
    Hugs Sue xxx

    1. Thank you Sue, indeed! Off to read your post on the subject now – isn’t life wonderfully synchronistic? 😉 Happy New Year to you too and blessings of all kinds! Hugs, Wendy xxx

    2. As I wrote elsewhere, to SomeOne: we’re All 7.x Billion of “One;” SomeOne else said we need to Take Responsibility for OurSelves–not an easy task, these Days, where our “SpaceSuits” we call Bodies are bombarded with Poisons, Sounds, Images, etc, all meticulously designed to keep our “Suits” Dumbed Down, Docile, Distracted, Frightened, and Compliant, (I’ll refer to it “D4FC”), it’s Imperative we Strive to “Walk the Talk,” and Be, Talk, Behave, Inspire,Aaspire, Give, Be Open… to Love.

      Yes! It Like my Ex used to say: “Love is All!”🌟
      And so may it be!

  2. Hi Wendy,Bedankt mooi geschreven en idd!Bizar wel.. was net mijn badkamer aan het schoonmaken en tijdens dat dacht ik aan de wet v de aantrekking mbt de actualiteiten en dat jij ook zou vinden wat ik dacht!En toen zag ik je mailtje..Hoe is het verder? Hoop goed:).Fijne avond Gr Kim Date: Fri, 9 Jan 2015 19:03:14 +0000 To:

    1. Hee Kim, nou dat is idd toevallig! Jij ook bedankt! Alles goed met jou? Leuk hoor, synchronistische gedachten tijdens het schoonmaken – gebeurt mij vaak tijdens de afwas 😉
      Alles goed hier, erg druk met het afronden van mijn 2e boek en de praktijk 🙂
      Nog een gelukkig nieuwjaar gewenst en jij ook fijne avond!

  3. Peace, that’s very Important! Thank You, Wendy, for your Thoughts.

    Lets make “Namastè” truly meaningful. Here’s what I found:
    “Namastè, I Honor the place in you, in which the entire Universe dwells;
    I honor the place in you, which is of. Love, of Truth, of Light, and of Peace;
    When You’re in that place in you, and I’m in that place in me,
    We’re Onel”
    (From al Plaque I read before each Piano Practice).

  4. Reblogged this on manicartist89 and commented:
    Hi, I’m re-Blogging this, as a Reminder we All (as Individuals) must do precisely that, (I couldn’t have said better, myself). In a later Post, I’ll wete about what my understandings of love are.
    Namastè, (We’re One)

      1. Oops! Sorry, I got the Names mixed up😳! It’s Re-blogged. Also, I’ve just re-read Your Blog Entry, so the following would be accurate: The conciseness and precision in your use of English is an enviable Skill–though I strive for–I personally do not yet possess. English isn’t my First, nor Second Language; it’s my Third. Still–after living in, and communicating in a primarily English-speaking Country, (US) these past forty years–my English still tends to be, (like my Native Portuguese), “Wordy!” (Thence, my Long-Winded Praise, for *Yours!*)🌸

      2. LOL! Thank you for your compliments… Portuguese, well that is a lovely language I have no grasp of whatsoever… I cannot even sing along with my CD’s of Mariza;-) Have a lovely weekend! ☺

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