Loony medicine: laughter as a gateway to the Divine

Today I woke up in a bit of a funk. I could attribute it to the weather, which is grey and droopy, but I knew better: I was on a low frequency due to something within me.
I looked at all the tools that could help me assess what was the matter with me: an abundance of different sets of tarot cards and other divination tools, but it just seemed like too much work.

So, when the mood still hadn’t lifted after a nice warm shower with rose scented soaps and shampoo, I decided to try something different. I decided to just ask my Spirit Guides.

Now, I tend to be too much of a ‘I’ll do it myself’ kind of girl. I often just forget I can simply ask Spirit for guidance! But, inspired by an article I read recently on talking to Spirit Guides, I simply focused on my crown chakra, opened it up and asked in silence: ‘Dear Spirit Guides, please tell me… what do I need to find my joy?’
The answer was immediate. It was just one word.


Funny! I immediately knew what they meant. A big grin appeared on my face. That word, irreverence, carried a whole lot of meaning with it which made all sorts of sense to me. I immediately reconnected with my Higher Self, and got an image of a beautiful large cluster of pink and silver twinkling stars, whirling into infinity.
That’s who I am! Not this tired, toiling, moping little me trying to push the stream taking everything much too seriously… I am a glittering cluster of stars, laughing joyfully at the absurdity of human life!

With irreverence, I don’t mean disrespect. I mean letting go of seriousness, of being overly dutiful and toiling instead of letting things unfold by themselves. I mean laughing at my own silliness when I once again approach life much too seriously and work too hard – especially on my own spiritual process. After all, how can I align with my Higher Being, which is love and laughter, and Source when I doggedly toil away on earth with my head down? How silly of me!

When thinking about the power of irreverence, I am reminded of a hilarious story by Jamie Sams, a wonderful Native American teacher. One night after teaching a workshop, she was afraid the participants were too drowsy to drive home safely. So she decided to shock them into wakefulness with a fantastic joke: after announcing, in a very serious voice that she would share one last bit of native wisdom with them, a form of sacred Moon medicine, she turned around, dropped her trousers and mooned them! Well, of course everyone was awake after that!

That, to me, is sacred irreverence: humour that shocks us into awareness, reconnect to our true selves and even to the Divine.

Humour is, after all, one of the fastest highways that connects us to our true Divine Selves. To truly see and experience the absurdity of life as human beings, to be able to heartily laugh at ourselves is a fast way to let go of the ‘small self’ and embody our ‘Higher Self’. It is to be lifted out of self-imposed rigidity, the boundaries of the ego and be transported to the higher realms of being.

Just like music, beauty, sacred sexuality, nature, authentic humour has the power to connect us with Source – and in my experience, it is one of the fastest!

So, instead of getting out the tarot cards I shall watch one of my favourite comedies tonight – that will surely keep my spirits high☺


7 thoughts on “Loony medicine: laughter as a gateway to the Divine

  1. Your post also awoke me Wendy with laughter at that story too… Sometimes I think we often forget just to ask our guides… Learning to laugh and lift our spirits helps raise our energy.. We do too often take ourselves too seriously and allow the weight of the world to weigh us down, rather than the weight we have to carry…
    I have been in a melancholy mood since Sunday since learning of my Aunts hospitalisation.. We went to visit on Monday, Today she passed away.. While still feeling sad I know she is now so much happier within her new surroundings..

    Thank you for the smiles today Wendy and for this reminder to myself, to ask when in need xxx
    Love and Blessings
    Sue xox

    1. Thank you dear Sue, I am so glad I helped lighten your day and make you smile! I am sorry to hear of your aunt, and as you say, she will now be in a place of love and warmth and happiness… Love and blessings to you, Wendy xxx

  2. aye, sometimes I get really moody or down then something funny comes up and all I can do is laugh till I cant anymore. Then I feel great, it is a great way heal or simply let loose a bit.

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