A meeting with the Moon

Last night I had an interesting experience. I was about to go to bed, and closing the curtains when I was hit by the light of the moon. Her  brightness startled me. The light was so strong, even though she wasn’t even full yet!

I have always had a thing for the moon, the associations with the Feminine, with magic, with the Moon Goddesses…

This time though, I decided to do more than enjoy the visual and mythological aspects of the moon.
One of the effects of an ever ongoing process of spiritual transformation has been the opening up of my senses, and I have happily begun ‘feeling’ trees, places, animals, rocks, reading the energy of people…

So now I decided to ‘feel’ the moon. I deliberately opened up my senses to her light as it washed over my face, my body. I consciously let her in. I was amazed by her softness, her kindness. The energy of the moon is indeed feminine, but to feel it is to really know it! Like a soft, pleasantly cool dress of milky silk, like the balmy waters of the Greek sea, enveloping me, soothing, soft and compassionate. So lovely.

It occurred to me that you can see and know a person, a heavenly body, a place, a building all your live… but you don’t truly know them until you feel them.

In my life I have been fooled by words,  by people, by the image of themselves they projected. I have been afraid of false images created by the media that hid the most lovely of beings, like that of a dog portrayed as the most vicious of all dog races, that turned out to be one of the most loving souls I have ever met.

We can be deceived by words and images, but we can know the truth of a thing, a person, a being by feeling them. My feelings have never led me astray. I look forward to meeting the Moon again soon… maybe this time, I can listen and receive a message from her as well!


9 thoughts on “A meeting with the Moon

  1. What a beautiful encounter you had with the Moon Wendy.. and yes, its easy for us to get disillusioned by false images of others who portray themselves wearing their Masks.. Sometimes my intuition has been pushed aside as i was fooled by the layers they had covered themselves in..

    Learning to ‘Feel’ is indeed the best way for us to learn to connect.. And the Moon was indeed bright here too.. The snow upon the ground amplified her light even more making the sky glow even brighter..

    Lovely posting Wendy x Thank you .. Enjoy your weekend

    1. Thanks Sue, and yes, indeed… you set me to thinking… masking layers may even have their own energy if they have been around long enough! but our senses can always tell us the truth of the being behind them regardless… if we dare to be honest with ourselves!
      Ah, the Moon is still lovely.. will bathe some more in her silver light before I go to sleep! Have a lovely weekend too… wishing you moon magic xxx

  2. Beautiful Miss Wendy. And I loved the comments between you and Sue Dreamwalker. The masks can indeed fool us sometimes. When that occurs, it is a great reminder to uncover our beliefs that allowed that to happen. I love your thought on the masks having their own energy – of course they must! Especially when they are immersed in the energy of collective consciousness and we, often unknowingly, buy into that automatically and thus our intuition is “pushed aside”. Perhaps a good topic for another of your blog posts… :))) Love you!

    1. Thank you dear Linda! You have read my mind… I was musing on the topic of ‘illusions’ and thinking of writing an article on it today! We are once again on the same wavelength… Yes it is very interesting to think about all the personal and cultural subconscious programmes that keep us from seeing and feeling things as they really are… one blog post coming up… soon! ☺☺☺ Love you too!

  3. Lovely commentary on the
    cool, silky blanket of the Moon. Sometimes I leave my edroom Curtain Open a night, just so I’m Bathed by just such a light.😉

    As for me, I also Enjoy the Warm therapy of a Short, spontaneous Meditation (closed-eye, of course), when I notice the Sun is hitting a Spot in my Apartment. I drop what what I’m doing, and just stand there, my eyes closed, enjoying the Light, the Warmth, and Energies Father Sun sends us.☀️ I find it Invigorationg. (Does anyone else feel the same?)

    1. Ah, I do the same, basking in the sun in my home, when I get the chance – the golden light of father sun is invigorating indeed! I will try and sense the energy like I did with the Moon… and describe it in another blog post 😉

      1. Looking forward to reading your Thoughts…, (or, shall I say: Receiving the Energy Frequencies, which You’ll undoubtedly Infuse each letter you type with, then send to us, forever😉.).

        (There’s an Impromotu little schpiel about a Wonderful book I’ve been reading. At first, it was to be part of this Reply, then, common sense dictated I made it into a Post in my Blog, instead 😉 Namastè

      2. I have started reading Penny’s book ‘Frequency’ and it is really nice to read a book that is a vibrational match to what I feel to be true – I’ve only just started out and am enjoying it a lot! The mp3 dowloads too, I like her voice and energy. Thanks again for the tip!
        Then I had an idea: would you like a digital copy of my book for review on your blog? It is a spiritual adventure based on my own past lives. I’m curious about how you would sense the energy of the story… there”s a long story about how the book came about too, but that’s another book;-) Just let me know! ☺

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