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Do we choose fear or do we choose love? ♥

We live in a time in which everything dark is brought to light. Nothing can remain hidden any longer.
This goes for on a personal level and the collective scale.

Everything that was hidden in the dark comes up to be cleared, every illusion is held into the light and shattered, and shards fly everywhere. Especially in this age of information.
So we are bombarded with images of injustice, cruelty, destruction, greed, strife and war.
These images, but also the very energies of an old world in a state of collapse, will reach our eyes, our eyes, our aura’s and brains. The question is, how do we respond to them?

Do we let ourselves be engulfed by fear, or incited by anger, infected by despair?
Do we echo the energies that are flung to us by the media?
Or do we clear the house of our own psyche, remove all the shadows and cobwebs of fear, clear the pits of rage and heal the fires of pain and choose to respond with love?

It’s not easy.
Emotions are infectious.
Images are evocative.
But we always have the choice.

What will you add to this world?
Will you focus on fear and rage, or do you choose to heal your Self and respond with love? ♥

Image by DOITGIRL, source: Under the Blue Door


6 thoughts on “Do we choose fear or do we choose love? ♥

    1. Oh how wonderful Sue! I will look her up tomorrow on your blog… it is such a poignant photo, it brought tears to my eyes as soon as I saw it! A picture does say more than words ever can… 🙂

      1. Oh, lovely, thanks Sue! I was indeed busy today – off to IKEA to get de-cluttering supplies… but the whole mission turned into an elaborate Sunday lunch. With rosé wine. We will declutter some other day! 😀 xx

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