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Blackbird’s Song

We are surrounded by sound.

In the modern world, we are never far from the whirring of  a computer, the mechanic humming of a car, the clank of metal on metal, the blare of a tv or stereo. It is a soundscape, a background of noise that is rarely absent.
And we rarely notice its effects on or well-being, because we are so used to it.
We tune it out.

This afternoon, after lunch break was over and all the people who create an extra layer of sound to the usual whirring and humming, the square outside my house was suddenly unusually quiet.

No sounds. Stillness.

Then a blackbird began to sing.


Pure magic.

The song of the blackbird didn’t merely touch my ears. It went straight to my heart and pierced it with sweet notes.

Like a voice from another world, singing: ”There’s more to life than this. There’s magic, pure magic to life itself. Feel it.”
Love and gratitude filled my chest, carried by the blackbird’s song.

To me, it’s one of the most beautiful songs in the world.


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