How to make an ordinary day extraordinary!

I love, love, love this idea! ❤

The Paths of the Spirit

This is the Angel Letter I made. (It is in Norwegian)

Yesterday when I woke up I felt a little low. I needed an energy lift! 🙂 So I decided to go out and make an ordinary day extraordinary. I took the bus to the city center. I had decided to go to a little coffee shop and do some writing. In the coffee shop I came up with an idea. I was going to make some secret angel letters! I prepared two uplifting poems and put them in an envelop along with a fluffy pink angel feather. On the envelops I wrote: To you dear beautiful stranger.

These are the letters with the text: To You Dear Beautiful Stranger

I asked the angels to guide me to someone who needed my poems, and they led me to two different mailboxes. I put the letters inside the mailboxes. I felt…

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