Bringing Unconditional Love Back to Our World, One Person at a Time

A beautiful message… ❤ I think one of the things that sometimes makes it difficult for us human beings to love unconditionally is that we judge ourselves and other people, even things, events and feelings as good or bad, desirable or undesirable. Judging takes us out of love… judging is a function of the mind, but that same mind can also be used to understand, and understanding leads to compassion, which leads to unconditional love… the road always takes us back to love! ☺

Endless Light and Love


What does unconditional love mean to you?

For most of us we think it is simply the love between two human beings, love of a partner, a husband, wife, child or friend but unconditional love is actually much more than that, it transpires the relationship between two human beings into the realms of love that are sadly missing from our daily lives, our relationships between religions, our relationships between countries, our relationships between race, colour and creed. Most of the conflicts in our relationships arise because of our greed, our desires and our expectations, and, when both parties are selfish and self-centered, they do not remain in a relationship for long as the suffering becomes greater, distance comes about until total separation is the end result. The ideal relationship is that which is based upon mutual unconditional love and respect. It is as difficult as finding an ideal saintly human…

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