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How to be aware of the dark without letting it get to you

Today I was tempted to share another bit of bad news about another upcoming treaty designed to let big Business have more power in Europe, even overriding national governments. When I read it, I was enraged and disheartened. Will these people never cease their attempts to enslave people and turn them into mindless, powerless consumers? So I shared it via social media. People need to know. Unconsciousness and illusion are the only means by which we can let ourselves be ensnared.
But I also felt a bit like a messenger of doom and gloom. How can we deal with the dark, be aware of it and help others be aware so they can re-empower themselves and make informed choices without bringing our frequencies and ourselves down?

A meeting with a past-life client today inspired me to remember the answer. I have always known it. But sometimes, in the drama of earthly life, I forget. It’s so simple. Here it is.

How to be aware of the dark without letting it get to you

1. Remember life is a game.
It really, really is. Life on earth is a cosmic drama, a cosmic joke, a dance between opposites. It has played out many, many times.

2. We are eternal beings.
We don’t need to take the game so seriously. It’s not life-and-death. Only our temporary bodies make it seem so. We are eternal beings, and part of our essence is temporarily clothed in this earthly vessel. We can never really be hurt, however bad things may seem. We can never be destroyed. Death is an illusion. Only our bodies are temporary. We are forever. Love is forever. Life is forever.

3. To know how ‘evil’ works is to be free from it.
Evil’s only ‘weapons’ are illusions. I’ve seen it time and again. We can only be tricked into being scared, giving our power away, living a lie, be scared into submission if we allow it to happen. Sure, sometimes we face such odds that it’s almost impossible not to crack or be ensnared by illusion. But it’s not real. We are always free. We have always been free.

Knowledge is power, and of course we need to know of the schemes that are designed to dis-empower us and destroy this beautiful world, so we can make informed choices and play our part in this eternal game.
The best way to do it is with a smile, in the knowledge we are part of a cosmic joke, and let it go.
Share and let go. Focus on light, love and laughter.
Focus on fun! So we can bring more light into this world.


3 thoughts on “How to be aware of the dark without letting it get to you

  1. Wonderful thoughts Wendy.. Yes life is an illusion and I listened to the news, something I try to avoid doing. And I saw how the ‘Fear Factor’ is being ramped up yet again so that tourist do not feel safe when they travel.. Curbing yet again freedoms.. As those who let the dark rule them are creating yet more Fear to control and gain power..
    I had not heard about the big business.. But to me the EU is the Big Business who dictate own and control using debt as a weapon.

    Thank you for the reminders Wendy.. sometimes we need to have that re-affirmed..
    Love your new theme lay out by the way…

    My own Theme has been re-adjusted by the creators which mean I can no longer tweak it as I did.. Shame… Again all due to Money and buying your blog domain . means you can do more with it etc..

    Wishing you a wonderful July…… I have been enjoying the garden and time out watching Tennis.. 🙂
    Take care, love and Hugs .. Sue

    1. Thanks dear Sue, yes I am going on my yearly trip to my beloved Greece and following the news on that is making me ill sometimes… and when I check on experiences of people who actually live there, things are quite different!
      Yes, amongst others I am worried about TTIP, which you can read about more here… (
      I try to get only the gist and share to inform, then move on to things that make me happy like my lovely pink petunia’s, writing and upcoming travel to the ancient country of the gods… 😉
      Thanks for the compliment, I wanted a make-over and am quite pleased with it… sorry to hear your theme has been rendered untweakable because of commercialism! Maybe a new theme is in order?
      Love and hugs to you too, enjoy your lovely garden! And tennis of course 🙂 xx Wendy

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