sneak preview Tzanáta

Sneak preview!

While I am writing the final chapter of my second book, The Search for Tzanáta, the sequel to my award-winning début Curse of the Tahiéra I thought it would be fun to share a sneak preview of the cover design for the new book. It is for the English edition. Both the English and Dutch editions will be published around the same time, with similar covers.

Writing Curse of the Tahiéra and discovering I had been in fact chronicling the story of my own past lives set in motion a deep and sometimes harrowing spiritual transformation process that took longer than expected: instead of finishing part two in 2009, as I had anticipated, we are 6 years further down the road. Many times I have felt like Rom, travelling the Underworld and meeting my personal demons, with only a little light to guide me.
But what a journey it has been! As I am nearing the end of a long journey through aeons of ancient history I am no longer the same person and as a writer, I feel I can delve deeper and soar higher than ever before.

I hope to see the publication before the end of this year. And of course it will be announced on my blog, website and social media.
But first: a well-earned vacation!☺

sneak preview Tzanáta

12 thoughts on “Sneak preview!

  1. Excellent Wendy.. Congratulations upon your second book and publication .. Looks a very interesting read 🙂 ❤ and its amazing how these things get written..

    My daughter is in the process of writing and her 'inner knowledge' is even amazing her as she said the story is almost writing itself and she too believes she is reliving something she already went through in the pages.. 🙂

    Sending love and Blessings

  2. Gefeliciteerd lieve Wendy en enjoy these vacacion as never before ❤️Ik heb je eerste boek zo diep helend ervaren. Wat een kracht, mooie vrouw. Het is zeker mijn intentie jouw tweede boek ook te lezen en daarbij alles weer te laten stromen en komen. Ik wens je alle liefde en geluk op jouw pad en dat wij veel van jou mogen blijven horen XX

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