I Called Her, “Edan”

A wonderful telling of a NDE that illustrates the reality of our interconnected existence in a loving Universe, a truth many of us need to hear about and reconnect to in these times! ♥



AngelicView:I love this NDE – for many reasons. First of all, I love to read about people who have traveled through space during their NDE. I feel as if we have all traveled through space at one time – but we just don’t remember it. Somehow it feels kind of like “home”. Also, as he is traveling through space, he realizes that the celestial objects (planets, for example) are living beings. They are alive. Every NDE which involved travel through space has said this.

When he comes back to his body after this space travel, in which he had encountered an “Eden-like” planet similar to Earth but closer to the center of the galaxy, he wonders how he could help Earth in it’s sorry state of affairs. In the end, he decides that what he can do – is love. I make many of my daily decisions based on…

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3 thoughts on “I Called Her, “Edan”

  1. Thank you for sharing this Wendy.. Such an amazing experience.. And in such detail remembered and documented.. 🙂 I left a message.. And it reminded me of my own OBE where I was taken high into space.. Being sucked as it felt out of the back of my head. Up and out, first viewing the street then higher I went above the clouds into outer space..
    I zoomed too faster than light.. Stars were but flashes.. until I stopped and viewed Earth from outer space..
    I then travelled back very fast but as I approached Earth appeared as it had when it formed…. I was given some insights along the way.. The images of which I have always kept..
    Many thanks for sharing..
    Hugs Sue xxx

    1. You’re so welcome Sue! I thought it was remarkable too… and what really moved me was the overwhelming aliveness of it all, of every little or great thing in the Universe! Ah, we have had similar journeys then… I travelled the same route once, and landed in a part of space where I saw a beautiful star cloud in pink and white… it felt like Home… I was crying with homesickness, I will never forget it! Isn’t it all magical… thanks for sharing your story too! Hugs ♥ xx

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