past life healing

Healing a past life to join the party!

The wonderful NDE (near death experience) I re-posted yesterday offered me the opportunity to heal yet another part of my soul that had been deeply hidden away.

When I let the account of a wonderfully alive, wise and benevolent Universe wash through me, I felt the elation of the truth of it – and at the same time, a deep sense of pain. It was as if a vista of joy opened up for me, and my soul crying out yes, yes this is how it is! It’s all joy, it’s all good! And then a tiny voice muttered: NO.
Not for me.

It felt like a dark little corner of pain and loneliness in an otherwise joyous Universe. Instead of quickly disconnecting from the pain, I decided to face it. It felt like a part of my soul. A past life. A man.

I wondered who he might be and a name rose in my consciousness. Frank.

I pondered the situation. Here I was, enjoying the elation of my soul basking in the light of truth and dancing to the music of the spheres, and the party was pooped by a part of my soul! I got the sense he believed he was abandoned, disconnected and painfully lonely. But… I felt it all!

”Way to go, Frank,” I said to him. ”Here you are, in the midst of a Universe of laughing stars, singing planets, and you shy away from the joy of it all, the light because it hurts – it hurts because you believe you are disconnected. As if everyone is having a party and you’re not invited.” Then the silliness of it truly dawned on me. ”But you ARE connected! I feel your pain! I feel your loneliness! You’re just like a Grumpy Cat, sitting there while all around you the universe is having fun. ”

But of course he didn’t hear me. He was locked in his misery, head bowed, eyes gazing into darkness.

I had to go to my office to work with a client, so I had to leave him there.

That evening, when I was lying on the sofa to relax after dinner, I decided to see if I could contact him.
I just let my mind wander back to the image of the Universe and the dark corner. I wondered why he was convinced he was abandoned, left alone in the dark, as if no one cared.

It popped into my head just like that.

He didn’t realise he was dead.

He had died in a car crash and tried to connect with his loved ones. But because he had left his body behind, they couldn’t see him. After trying and trying, he gave up, believing they had abandoned him. But it wasn’t true. They just could not see him because to them, he was a ghost!

Tears streamed down my face as I told him.
”You’re not abandoned, Frank. They just could not see you!”

I saw the party he had wanted to join so much. It was like a scene from a 20ies movie. A shiny black 20ies car, a big house with chandeliers, elegant people dressed in their finest clothes. A beautiful woman with a black bob and a white flapper dress turned around to meet him. Then he was gone.

Such relief!

Finally, he had joined the party.

And I was free to join the party of the Universe!

Fireworks courtesy of AV Dezign

11 thoughts on “Healing a past life to join the party!

  1. Echt heel mooi! Toen ik het artikel over ‘Edan’ las voelde ik ook zoveel herkenning, en ook nu weer met jouw ervaring, geweldig dat Frank nu ook aan het feesten is!

    1. Dankjewel Tamara! Ja, trof het jou ook zo, in ‘Edan’, hoe alles in het universum leeft en bezield is? Prachtig he! En ja, ik ben ook heel blij dat Frank nu aan het feesten is, want als facet van dezelfde ziel voel ik zijn blijdschap 😉 xx

  2. Heel herkenbaar en zo mooi om te lezen. Dank, dank, dank, voor alles wat je schrijft. Vandaag zelf een heel mooi stuk van mijn zielservaring geheeld en ook die mag weer vliegen en stromen, genieten van de overvloed die er is..lieve zielgenoot, veel plezier op het pad van het leven en hopelijk tot ziens in dit leven. Nathalie

    1. Dankjewel lieve Nathalie, wat fijnd at je ook zo bezig bent met helen! Al die stukjes van onze ziel die we uit het duister (onbewuste) halen maken het universum nog mooier en lichter en leuker! Party☺ Ja wie weet tot ziens!

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