why refugees


Ever since the images of refugees fleeing into Europe and the unkind reception they are receiving in many places flooded my screen, I have been pondering why we are reacting as we do.
Why do we, the relatively rich West react with such trepidation or even violence at their coming?

My dear online friend Sue captured it so well in this inspiring post and the picture says it all. These people are in need. So why are many of us reacting with such hostility?
I racked my brain and then I saw this moving post by Mark and it dawned on me.

We don’t believe we have enough.

Here, in the ‘rich’ West, we have grown up with the idea that we have to compete with one another. That we have to constantly strive, and outdo one another to be the best, the most successful, richest, to have what we want.
We are being brainwashed that we have to outdo one another in order to be happy, and it begins at a very early age: in school, by the TV programmes that programme our children.
Be the best, the strongest, the most beautiful, the smartest, the richest.

But why, when we have enough food to eat, a roof over our heads, electronic toys and gadgets we don’t even really need?

Because deep down, we don’t believe there is enough.
Because deep down, we don’t believe we are enough.

Since the 1950s and 60s many people in Western Europe have seen their standard of living raised to such a degree they can use their resources to buy luxury goods and gadgets.
But in the time of our somewhat farther removed ancestors, during the Industrial Revolution, this standard of living was not for everyone.

People flocking to the cities and working at factories and mills had to work like slaves to survive, under appalling conditions, even children. Even though we live in comfortable conditions, the idea of having to work hard and earn money in order to be safe is still ingrained in our society. It is still passed on to us from our grandparents and parents.

And the idea that you have to be at the top of the game, to compete and be the best and brightest in order to be happy is even more blatantly visible. Culture is suffused by it. It instils the belief that there is not enough love to go around, that only those that distinguish themselves get attention, care and love.

Law of attraction tells us we attract what we believe. If deep down we believe we don’t have enough, are not enough, that there are not enough love and resources to go round, we get poverty consciousness.

Even people who are comparatively rich, are poor deep down inside because they are haunted by poverty consciousness, the belief that there is not enough and they have to fight to ensure their own survival and success. They are still haunted by the idea that if you are not the best and most beautiful, you are not good enough.

Put those two together and you get a society in which grace, generosity, kindness are not the norm, but rather the exception.
A society that sees refugees not as people in need, but as competitors for resources.

Still, there are more graceful, generous people than the media would have us believe.
Because they are also caught in the competition spiral they tend to focus on the negative, the sensational and offer a lopsided view of reality.

There are many kind people out there.

There are people donating time, energy, and sharing what little resources they have to help those who are in need.

I wonder though… even though many of us have more than enough to go around, culturally and psychologically we are the ones who are in need… if we do not release those old beliefs and start living from the heart, knowing and feeling that love and energy abound in a plentiful, benevolent Universe. ♥


3 thoughts on “Why?

  1. Wendy.. You have captured the reasons why we are so afraid to share so well.. And Why so many are so afraid to share…
    And I agree with you there are some very kind hearted, compassionate people who are helping.. Yet the media shows mainly hostility..
    Many thanks dear Wendy for the mention.. 🙂 and Marks posts always hit the mark.. 🙂

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