dancing exile past lifes reincarnation

Dancing in exile

Last week, I had the opportunity to clear some more personal ‘past’ life history when I chose from fear instead of trust.
Every year, my heart takes me to the Greek island of my dreams, where I find inspiration for my books, where the ancient earth sings to me, the spirits of my beloveds greet me and the olive trees whisper ‘I love you’.

This year, I let myself be misguided by the media. The stories of economic collapse and other stories that instil fear and panic. My companion was having sleepless nights over it. I was fearing for her health as well as my own safety. There was only a small window of time in which we would be allowed to change our journey because of the travel agency rules. I began to believe it would be better to go somewhere else to recharge and relax.

So we went to a small Spanish island, also in the Mediterranean, green and beautiful.
But I felt it as soon as the plane neared the shore. I looked at the shoreline below and my heart sank. This is not where I should be.
As we drove our rental car through the countryside, my heart sank further. I connected to mother Earth to get an impression of her energy. She sounded almost surprised. ‘My child, you are far from home!’
I knew what she meant. Of course, every corner of Earth is part of her, and in essence, home. But she knew I was not where I was supposed to be.

When we reached our destination, and finally sat down under lovely big palm trees surrounded by hibiscus flowers, I cried. I had to tell my companion how I felt. I had made a dreadful mistake. I had let myself be lead by fear, and now I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.
We decided to make the best of it. After all, it was a little bit of Paradise. The warm blue sea and the trees would comfort us. But my heart cried, because it yearned for Greece. It longed to be home.

Over the course of eleven days, I realised that there are no mistakes. This exile in paradise was just what I needed.
On the first day, I began feeling a sharp pain in my chest that would not go away. It demanded my attention. It was like a knife thrust in my chest, over and over. Finally I sat down to find out what was going on.

It was Thomas. A past life.
Like me, he had been lead to believe that choosing from personal knowingness and love would lead to death and the downfall of his family. He was a born artist, he was gay, and he was born into a strict German Catholic wine merchant’s family in the 1800’s. When his father, a horrible despot died, he made thirteen year old Thomas promise he would take over the family business and take care of his mother. Thomas had already been beaten into submission, and chose the path of fear that lead him even further from his true passion and a life of authenticity. He hid his feelings even for himself and lead the family business, sacrificing every personal desire in the process. It eventually lead to his death.
His adopted sister wanted a stake in the business. But Thomas knew she  only wanted to use the money to finance a shallow, glamorous lifestyle. When he confided in his brother in law Karl, it turned out he was in on the plan and realising they would never get what they wanted, Karl stabbed him in the chest and killed him to ensure the inheritance.
It was like an episode of ‘Dynasty’!

Healing Thomas not only from his brutal death but also his life took several days.

And then I dropped my MP3 player in the toilet.
Don’t laugh.
It was instant panic!

So much panic in fact, that I knew another past life had been triggered. So (sigh) I sat down to yet another round of PL healing.

This time, it was a young extra-terrestrial man. Immanuel.
He was on a mission to destroy a device on a small uninhabited planet, that had been placed there by a hostile alien to emit low-frequency waves and so manipulate Immanuel’s people. It let them believe low-frequency ideas that dis-empowered them and thereby ensured an easy take-over.
What Immanuel did not know, was that the enemy was aware of his plan and had his space-suit sabotaged. When he was on the planet, about to destroy the low frequency emitter (and being exposed to its blast to full extent) his space-suit malfunctioned and his oxygen supply was cut off. He could not signal home to his beloved that he was dying. Technology was failing him. Panic!

Just as when I dropped my MP3 player, my personal ‘space-suit’ that allows me to tune into high frequency, inspiring music and close off from the raw outside world when I need to. That’s why it felt like dying. Yikes!

And like so many others, Immanuel didn’t realise he was dead. He was still fighting for air in that last horrible moment, thinking he would never see his beloved again. I reached out to him and released the low frequencies he had absorbed from the device he had tried to sabotage. I told him he was okay, he could meet his beloved in his spirit body. What relief!

Then, finally it was time for present-day me. It was a day of less sunshine and more cloud, which was good because the lower temperatures allowed us to go on a road trip. I chose a Bronze Age settlement that was easily reachable by car. I love Bronze Age settlements!
This one exceeded our expectations. It was huge. It was so much more intact than many I had seen. But what finally made everything right for me, was not the archaeological splendour. It was the trees.

Walking along the path, gazing in awe at the huge stone blocks and buildings, I passed a little grove of young wild olive trees, kin to the ones that have grown there for millennia. Something drew my attention, a subtle trickle of energy.
I went to stand between the trees, reaching out to feel their energy. They were dancing! It was like standing in a bubble of high frequency energy, of whirling laughter and joy. I couldn’t get enough of it. I danced between the trees, comforted by their love and laughter, knowing there is a piece of home for me everywhere.

Between the trees. ❤

dancing tree reincarnation


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