helende energie aarde healing earth energy

Healing energy of the earth

I noticed it before: you do not have to travel to Egypt, or England, or America to connect with the powerful energy of the earth. Of course, there are places where the energy is many times stronger. But for a little healing, sometimes you do not have to go further than your local park.

There is a little park, in between Delft and Den Hoorn, where I love to go picking nettles. They grow there in exuberant abundance, especially in spring. There is a little island, that was created with low bridges that give you the sensation of walking on water. The water’s energy is lovely and soothing.

Yesterday I walked past a spot of ‘wilderness’ where no man can set foot: a spot next to the bridge, overgrown with brambles. I stood still and felt my foot chakras open on their own accord, to drink in the energy of the place, like the roots of a tree. What a lovely place: tranquil, wild, a tiny oasis of nature in a hectic human world.

A large spider sat in the centre of her web and I attuned to her energy. I am no fan of spiders, and like to get over my aversion by looking past the form and acquainting with their energy. I felt patience, noting but patience and concentration. Nothing to be afraid of!

The relaxing, nurturing energy of water and earth entered my feet and the soles of my feet tingled pleasantly. How lovely, even in ‘exile’ in the city, to be able to connect to the healing, nurturing energy of Mother Earth!

6 thoughts on “Healing energy of the earth

  1. What a lovely post.. I often come across many spiders in our gardens, and learning to not be afraid of them took me a while.. But you are right Spiders energy is full of patience.. I apologise a lot to them for destroying their webs unintentionally when gardening.. Spiders have been popping up all over the place for me recently reminding me of their energy..
    Wonderful that you opened up within the space untouched .. Nature must really have welcomed you to that spot..

    Love and Blessings..
    Sue xxx ❤

    1. Thanks Sue! Ah, yes it helps me to look past the form of beings I’ve somehow learned to fear and feel their essence…. not scary at all! I visited this spot again a few days ago, it was as tranquil as ever… have a lovely Autumn evening! Love and blessings too, Wendy xxx

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