magic time

The magic of time

I bought my new diary for 2016 today. I always get them ahead of time, because I want one that really takes my fancy before it is out of stock! This time, it’s a lovely silver filigree diary with a pink background. Hmmmm…
I love timepieces: clocks, watches, diaries, calendars… to me, they have a magical quality to them.
Some people tell me they don’t wear watches and don’t like clocks, because they feel they are constricted by them. But I don’t feel it that way. Could it be because I am a Capricorn? Because of their ruler planet Saturn, they have an intimate affinity with time and rhythm….
But I think it is more because, to me time is not fixed. It has a fluid quality. Time can be stretched, can even stand still, or flow hurriedly like water over rocks in a stream… all depending on the one who experiences time.
It’s up to us how we experience time, and what use we make of it. That makes it magical. In a state of bliss, one moment in time can feel like an eternity, or a heartbeat at the same time. In my job as a pas life regression therapist, I even go back (and forward) in time to help people experience events long before or after their time. To the soul, all time is now. No time is ever lost.
So what is the appeal of sundials, diaries and clocks?
Maybe it’s the innate knowing that the magic of the soul can transform the thing they measure into anything we want… we are magical beings! We have all the time in the world!


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