Every year, there comes a day

Outside of human reckoning

When the Earth awakens and I can sense

Spring has truly arrived


It is my favorite season

When the soft wind carries the mellow smell

Of sensuous earth and awakening grass

The sheen of sunlight glimmering in the air


I am filled with the sense of expectation

Of infinite possibility, the promise of adventure

Tinged by deep nostalgia that makes me wonder

How many times my soul has arrived at this beginning


The Earth has turned away the millennia

The Sun caresses her ancient face

Making it more beautiful than ever it was

When she was young


Wendy Gillissen, 2016


7 thoughts on “Spring

  1. I wonder… ” how many times our soul has arrived at this beginning” too.. Such a wonderful poetic verse that captures so well the essence of Spring.. Love this time of year when all bursts forth in flower. And I plant seeds to sprout new growth for the food on the table later in the year.
    Lovely Wendy.
    Have a wonderful Spring.. and a beautiful weekend..
    Love Sue ❤

    1. Thank you so much Sue! I don’t often feel inspired to write poetry but Spring is so magical… I love it! The smells, the blossoms…. Enjoy your planting, so lovely to be able to grow your own food! My balcony is too small 😉 Have a lovely weekend too! I hope the sun will show her face ☺ ♥

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