The beauty in the little things

Last week I was standing once more in front of the Mycenaean wall of my beloved ancient city of Same in Greece.

This place is magical to me: the first time I arrived at his wall, of which only a few blocks are still standing, I felt suddenly surrounded by the spirits of my loved ones from ages past. Their energy swirled around me like water, loving and kind, and I could hear them say: ‘Welcome home!’ It brought tears to my eyes.

This time, as I approached the ruined wall, something, a vague twinge of intuition made me head for one particular stone block and examine it closer.
The sun was at a different angle than usual because it was autumn, and earlier in the day.

My fingers found it before my eyes did: a piece of ancient hewn stone where a tiny portion consisted not of grey bedrock, but of glittering golden crystal! Closer and closer I came, and noted a world of tiny gorgeous golden clusters and minuscule glittering crystal points.

How amazing! To think that this tiny world of glittering crystal had been there all along, and I had never noticed it.

Sometimes we can get so caught up in the big picture, in our drama, in the world outside of us that we do not notice the beauty that is there right before our eyes. It is there, and always has been there. We only have to take the time to look!


9 thoughts on “The beauty in the little things

  1. Beautiful Wendy, and so pleased you got to return and felt that beautiful welcome home.. love the quartz crystals in the rock.. And I expect you experienced feeling its energetic pulse..
    Love to you and Hope all is well with you
    Love Sue ❤

      1. Ja met een dikke trui en een beetje ziekjes, moet wennen aan de weerswisseling dus kan me voorstellen hoe groot dat contrast voelt als je net uit Griekenland komt 😉 maar echt mooi om te zien, dat belooft veel voor je tweede boek! Can’t wait! 😀

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