The problem with false prophets is that their stories often contain kernels of truth.
It is easy for them to use a bit of insight or spiritual truth and run with it, adding personal stuff and projections as they go along. They even believe in their mixture of truth and untruth themselves, which makes them even more convincing.

But when a reading or channelling makes you feel despondent or fearful, STOP reading and ask yourself: where does this information come from? Does it come from the highest, purest truth? Does it resonate with my inner knowing? Does it help with my self-empowerment, well-being and personal growth?

If the answer is NO, you are probably dealing with a false prophet. If the channel inserts a sense of their own importance into the message, you are dealing with ego and quite possibly with a spiritual narcissist.

Spiritual narcissists come in all shapes and sizes. Some even have impressive websites. But as the saying goes: ‘’Just because it’s on the internet, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true!’’


3 thoughts on “Discernment

      1. Yes it was a great day thank you Wendy. And as to your post it is most important to be aware.. I have to smile when I read some of the so called channelled things I read.. And I my ‘discernment’ shakes its head as I ‘See’ no higher being would spout forth such I can not even call it knowledge.. with some of what I have read.. And I have channelled myself.. And even then I often questioned it..:-). Those of us who ‘know’ spirit also can See the ego at work 🙂

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