Reincarnation Q & A

I was delighted to be invited to write a Q & A column for Spiritualist on reincarnation!

I will answer questions on past lives and reincarnation, spirit attachments, incarnated angels, and anything else pertaining to incarnation and the journey of the soul.

You can read the ones that have been posted already – or ask your own! ☺

Happy reading!

4 thoughts on “Reincarnation Q & A

  1. I was so very thankful for your article on incarnated angels. it answered so many questions for me. I would like to know if incarnated angels can be helped through normal human counseling or do they look for help through spiritual mystery schools or people with past life regression that are more spiritually balanced?

    1. Hello Mar, you’re welcome and thanks! That is an interesting question… I think it all depends on the kind of problems and the area in which they arise for the individual incarnated angel.
      Because most incarnated angels have boundary issues, many might benefit from good old assertivity training, the more tailored to the individual the better. And some might benefit from breathwork and emotional/bioenergetic therapy to help them deal with living in a human body in interaction with themselves and other people. Most incarnated angels though, I think are best off with a therapy/therapist that can take into consideration their extremely sensitive and emphatic nature, and other traits of human angels. A therapist or therapy that knows how to deal with the kind of issues that arise from the primal trauma of incarnating in the first place and subsequent traumatic experiences stemming from living in duality in a human body, like past life therapy or other spiritually oriented therapies is often helpful.
      Best wishes, Wendy

  2. Thank you for taking the time to do a question and answer post. I think a lot of people have questions about reincarnation, but don’t know who to ask. I was reading through the question and answer page and you are doing a great job!

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