healers incognito

Healers Incognito

When you regard all lifeforms as equal, sentient beings and don’t just pay attention to what your eyes tell you about a person, an animal, plant or mineral but listen to your intuition, you can open the door to some special meetings and experiences.

The outer appearance of a living being is not always proportional to their true being and potential. Sometimes the relation between the body you see, and the true being of a living entity can be so skewed, that the result is quite surprising!

As an example I met a kitten in Greece that had some special powers indeed. Yes, a kitten of some four, five months old that turned out to be an efficient healer.

I had been driving through the mountains with my friend that day. We had both gotten up that morgen feeling poorly. My companion had been struggling with tissues halfway through the night, snuffling and blowing her nose. I was being set on by that bad feeling when you know you’re getting a cold: that weird, subtle buzzing sensation running through my body, indicating there was a virus in the house. Usually that sensation is followed by a bad case of the flu. Not the thing you want to happen when you’re on holiday.

We went to one of our favourite Greek tavernas for a rest and a meal. It consists of a series of little terraces at the foot of an old castle on top of a hill. It’s a little oasis, with numerous old pots filled with herbs and flowering plants, guarded by an old olive tree that protectively stretches out its branches over the visitors and provides welcome shade on a hot summer’s day.
healers incognitoThe tree itself exudes such friendly energy and the place itself always feels so healing, that one day I put my hand on a branch to sense its energy. To my surprise, the tree emanated a great love for… humans! Like a mother tree that was no doubt partly responsible for the good energy we always feel in that place.

Today we sank into the chairs under the left arm of the olive tree somewhat breathlessly. Immediately, I was greeted by loud meowing. I looked down and noticed a tiny kitten, a little ball of black and reddish fur. Not all Greek cats are sociable, but as I automatically stretched out my hand to this one, it came running up to me emanated a loud purring. I took it on my lap and this move was met with great approval by the kitten. It stretched out luxuriously on my skirt, and purred loudly as I petted it. When lunch arrived, I shared a little bit of my food with it. After we had finished our meal, I noticed I was starting to feel significantly better. In fact, I was feeling completely fit again!

incognito healer
The rest of that afternoon and evening, I noticed my feet were feeling exceptionally warm. The chakra’s of my feet (the subtle energy body has many smaller chakras, apart from the seven better-known main chakras) were wide open and my body was taking in boatloads full of energy from the earth through my feet. A very nice sensation. That evening I became aware that the sensation of physical weakness and impending flu had gone completely: I felt totally healthy again.

I was so amazed that I decided to go into a trance state that evening to contact the kitten and have a little talk with its being.

And yes, it was as I suspected: the kitten turned out to be an effective and powerful healer. Not that it was boastful about it: like all animals I have communicated with, it was very down to earth.

‘Listen,’’ I said in my mind to the kitten, ‘’if you are such a great healer, isn’t it a waste of talent to be stuck in the tiny body of a cat, in a taverna on a little Greek island? Isn’t that a waste of your powers?’’

‘Not at all,’’ the kitten said in my mind, ‘’many people come to this taverna (and that’s true, it is very popular) and everyone who comes here and needs healing, can get it this way.’’
‘’But,’’ I resumed my human rational way of reasoning, ‘’what kind of a life is that for a great healer? To be a vulnerable little cat? You might be run over by a car or a scooter, or taken by a buzzard. Life is short for a Greek cat. It isn’t exactly a safe way to live.’’

‘It is what it is,’’ the kitten said matter-of-factly – ‘’what is safe, anyway? The life of a human in the city is just as dangerous. It’s all relative.’’

‘’But what kind of acknowledgment do you get as a healer, being a cat? Nobody knows who you are – everyone thinks you’re just a little cat.’’

‘’So what?’’ The kitten laughed. ‘’I can do my job perfectly this way.’’

I had to admit the kitten had a point – you don’t have to be famous to be a healer, or be on the internet, have a house and a salary, or even be a human being – sometimes it’s more effective to be a cat on a Greek island, touch tourists with healing energy, and let them go home with the healing power of nature still in their system.

6 thoughts on “Healers Incognito

  1. Loved this story Wendy.. So lovely to catch a post from you today.. I could do with that little kitten today also.. :-D… And it is surprising how often when I had my own cat just how she would know when I was not well, and she would sit upon my lap purring away.. And I would always feel so much better afterwards..
    I am pleased you are feeling better yourself Wendy.. And I am sure many unsuspecting traveller from that inn will go away feeling better too
    ❤ Much LOVE .. Sue x x x

    1. Thank you dear Sue, yes aren’t cats magical? Our cat Cheetah had the same ability… such wonderful beings. I wish I could send you that little kitten today!
      Take care! ♥ Love Wendy xxx

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